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>field a fucking megamonster or fuck off.

a single megamonster? kek, you're thinking too small. wait for the warscrolls that let you run an ENTIRE ARMY of Godbeasts! This is the AGE OF SIGMAR, where a single unit can run you up to $600! NEWCOMERS WELCOME!

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>biological 4/4 angels fought with great success

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>Either that or France, or Spain. Which one has the best economy right now?
I'd say Netherlands is more secure, but living can be a bit expensive. The same is true for France in certain places.

>Economically well off

She might appreciate France for its romance. Netherlands isn't bad, but it only has so much going for it.

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This is how I tame.

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>tfw you join awesome game
>Colette also joins
>DM doesn't tell Colette to fuck off
>game death started

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I was one of your players. You should've told us that you were fucking off for schoolwork instead of just leaving.

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Why do exalts have such long and weird titles? Is it something to do with true names, or something to do with their past lives? Is it thematic choice? I can't find the lore on this subject.

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>mfw someone mentions your hometown, and you don't even live in a big city.
>all the reflected glory of a That Guy I don't even know.
seriously why does this feel so good?

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Alright, mind if I ask something? I want to give the party the most worthless object on the adventuring kit, soap. The problem is that I don't want to make it useless and actually let it prove its use to the party in the future so what use could soap have in a dungeon?

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Hey stupid - are you too
dumb to know there are
4 different simultaneous
24 hour days within a
single rotation of Earth?
Greenwich 1 day is a lie.
4 quadrants = 4 corners,
and 4 different directions.
Each Earth corner rotates
own separate 24 hour day.
Infinite days is stupidity.

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dude fuck

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Not even following the thread, I just saw this post and remembered some figuring I did on Golden Sun stuff.
Venus has: Low damage area, healing, buffing, utility.
Mercury has: Healing. Some high damage single target stuff. Lots of area healing.
Jupiter has: LOTS of buffs. Some decent attacks. Goes fast.
Mars has: ALL OF THE DAMAGE. And some healing, too, if you're Jenna.

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