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My roommate (female) likes Supernatural and plays alot of online mmorpgs and RPGs her worst crime is knowing she has a low self image and can be a maipulative bitch - so she isn't.
Her boyfriend has a relatively passive background and I'll admit she's done shit to make him be more assertive and independent.
She's fully aware of the fuckery she *could* commit and is probably going to play a Con Artist in my Traveller/firefly game.

I games with another girl (who hasn't had time in the last 5 years or so) She usually played hardass male dorfs , and twitchy (and sometimes actually spooky) Malkavian. The only time she got close to "that Girl" behavior was her character in Amber diceless. and it wasn't the *player* it was the *character* She was like Azula from Avatar with more quiet malice, more patience for revenge over imagined slights - and a better wardrobe.

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