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ok but what's a reserve roll and who is "the owner?"

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>georgax the destroyer

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> elves are better dwarves than dwarves are
> dwarf fags be mad

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Holy crap. I lurk /vp/ pretty much every day, and I haven't seen anyone half as autistic as you. I wish I had an award to give you.

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>Not afraid to steal ideas
>Listens to what the group wants (and knows what they actually want) but also does what he's interested in
>Organic, but perhaps always puts up a bounty board to get the party on track or something equivalent
My point about the quest one comes from playing the absolute worst gae I was ever in where the only quest avaliable in the entire city was killing the Lord in the city. So change it to:
>Is not afraid to abandon quest lines to what the party is interested in

I'm reading through the thread, I think more might be:
>Is not afraid to let the players fail, but will never throw a lich at leverl 1 party unless there was for tone, and even that is stretching it
>Can think up descriptions on the fly
>While it's hard to get Mercer's voice for NPCs, having mannerisms and cadence goes a long way as well as describing them well.

Let's get this definition done anon-kun

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I did it boys and gals! I got me a internship at the local gaming store, starting tomorrow. No more NEET life more me.

Ok, it's in the ass-end of nowhere but it has gone from the "literally what and where?" category to getting praised as the store of the month in short of three months and the new owners just keep getting more and more praise.

>inb4 easiest way to kill your interest for a hobby etc etc

Other than that, FLGS stories general i guess.

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who /wood elves/ here?
>mfw "bashy" teams try to run after my catcher but fail to GFI

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As they should be.

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It's elf posting time.

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>then a lot of options that could simply be achieved given enough time and self-discipline like money, filtering media you enjoy from stuff you don't, skill in music, cooking or anything and helping people achieve happiness

Thanks for the free points.

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Didn't you know?
Elves are a meme.

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For conservative definitions of "self-insert", absolutely, as long as you're reasonably self-aware. Roleplaying something you know and understand is intuitive, and tends to make your characters more genuine. That's why inexperienced roleplayers tend to play their orcs ans elves and dwarves either as weird-looking humans or one-dimensional stereotypes. The common ground between you and your character is usually the best place to start in terms of figuring out how the latter behaves, and why.

It only becomes a problem when it's a vehicle for wish-fulfillment, and/or when the player can't keep IC/OOC straight.

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>responsible for everything bad in the universe

That is literally your faction's tagline Mr 'Let's Start the War in Heaven'! Also,

>Being proud of being tricked into making literal deals with the devil
>Actually being proud of being autistic!
>Feelings are harrrrd!

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>Garrosh alienated tauren and trolls
>elected to warchief
>challenged to it by Cairne
>grimtotem incriminates him and he unintentionally earns him the ire of the tauren
>vol'jin risks his own peoples safety to personally insult and threaten his newly appointed boss
>he let Sylvanas deploy the plague cos it meant dead humans
>He left Cromush, and a detatchment of Orcs to just piss about and not keep an eye on her/inform him of the truth
The forsaken flat out lie to those who would relay info of plague deployment in Shadowfang Keep. If they don't know due to lies, how would Garrosh?

People who hate him for no reason are my favourite, there's so many facts you willingly ignore to push your own headcanon because you don't like him.

Nvm tho

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>Needing continent sized ships to fire black holes that couldn't even destroy current eldar ships in Priest of Mars
>Eldar at the nadir of their power can put blackholes in snuff boxes and detonate every prime sun within sixty light years
>Mfw monkeigh try to wank DAoT when Elf supremacy is explicitly stated

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You sound like the sort of person who wears a diaper and cries a lot, fuck off you weak cunt this isn't your hugbox no one cares about your faggy feelings.

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>mfw someone doesn't like lelf

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I've never been in a group where this was a problem. There's always someone playing a half-orc or a warforged or something, and at the very least I'm always playing a half-elf.

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>mfw OP picture

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