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I would remind you that they would have been stupid to not bring a few cartographers along during the last crusade. The maps may be a bit outdated now, but they will help to at least somewhat negate their ignorance of the landscape and terrain. They won't be as easy to take by surprise this time around. They learn from their mistakes.

They also got a better general than last time. He isn't any Creed or Yarrick (I hope) but I bet he's better than the last one. If his troops love him like a father things will get pretty interesting.

Make that utterly FUBAR and you're right. Thank God for Tsu's foresight on picking the perfect servant to bail our asses out of that one.

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And thus the moon doth smite him, or rather, he smites himself into a bloody pulp. Then we get Edward to do likewise. Then Bella falls for us because of our display of sheer manliness (something quite lacking in the other "vampire" stalk*cough* I mean "perfect love interests") and agrees to aid in our quest to CLEANSE AND PURGE this taint from the world.

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(Random event when assaulting planet and if IG relations high enough)

The Imperial Guard troops have heard of your deeds in helping their brethren and come to your aid in this battle! Select one from the following regiments to aid you (Only two random regiment choices are given by the game from the following list):

>Tallarn Desert Raiders
Increased effectiveness of Guerilla actions. Increased effectiveness on desert worlds. Penalty in winter worlds.

>Cadian Shock Troopers (or similar)
Increased effectiveness of Defend actions. No penalty or benefit from terrain. (Highest chance of game spitting out this choice due to high spread of Cadian methods amongst IG)

>Elysian Drop Troops
Increased effectiveness of initial drop. Small bonus to all actions afterwards.

>Catachan Jungle Fighters
Increased effectiveness of Ambush actions. Increased effectiveness in Jungle worlds. Penalty in desert world.

>Valhallan Ice Warriors
Increased effectiveness of Defense actions. Increased effectiveness in Winter worlds. Penalty in desert worlds

>Death Korp of Krieg
Increased effectiveness of Siege actions. Increased effectiveness in Urban world. Penalty in Jungle world.

>Vostroyan Firstborn
Increased effectiveness of Assault actions. Increased effectiveness in Winter worlds. Penalty in desert worlds

>Mordian Iron Guard
Increased effectiveness against Chaos. Increased effectiveness of Delay action. No bonuses from terrain.

>Armageddon Steel Legion
Increased effectiveness against Orks. Bonus in Hive Worlds, penalty in Jungle Worlds.

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When playing as IG Infantry, there are three main points you should focus on.

a) cover. Use as much of it as you conceivably can, but if you don't have enough, just put your most valuable units in there like your heavy weapon teams and command units. When choosing your deployment zone (if you have the opportunity) try to get as much cover as you can.

b) Orders are essential. Make sure you know what they all do and if you do pure infantry, your army should be based around them. You can go to ground for a 3+ cover save when the enemy shoots at you, and then use get back in the fight to negate the pinning after effect. Generally you want to hold back and shoot (1st Rank, 2nd Rank / Bring it down / fire on my target) and then use move move move and get back in the fight to push forward into the enemy objectives around turn 4.

c) Disposable infantry. Screen your special weapon squads and command units with cheap waves of infantry squads (or conscripts if you can bother to get and paint the models), so the enemy can't charge them and to give them a cover save. Ablative shielding. Once they cut down your ablative infantry, they'll be exposed to return fire in your turn. In kill points, combine all your infantry squads into a blob with power weapon commissar attached to tie up enemy units, so you can buy time and the rest of your stuff can focus on the remaining threats.

Also I don't recommend decking your command units with expensive weapons (unless you're playing mech guard etc.). Command units are critical in IG Infantry lists, and you want to give your opponent as little reason to shoot at them as possible. You won't need BS4 when you have 50 million special weapons spread across your army. It's about weight of fire, not precision.

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>U MA... BAM!

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The russ varient should depend entirely on what the rest of your army does / is capable of. As with everything else, Russes work best in multiples, since if you have only one, and the rest of your vehicles are largely sentinels, it isn't hard for your opponent to figure out where he wants his melta guns to go.

Executioners are very expensive points wise, but when using them I've found them to be exceptionally versatile. 5 S7 shots is a threat to light vehicles, and that many blasts wounding on 2+ will kill any infantry units without cover saves. The disadvantage is that the cost makes them such as juicy target. Like if say they deepstrike 105 points of storm troopers with melta guns and hit it in the rear.

All of the russ varients are good at doing specific things. Most of the russes depend on large blast templates, and if your opponent spreads his infantry out correctly, you're only going to get 3 hits, while your punisher will be averaging 10, so that's what it is for. Despite this, I still think the large blast variants are better, since it is rare that an opponent will always have all his infantry spread out (such as when they deepstrike, or disembark a wrecked / exploded vehicle).

The key to a solid IG army is to have lots of backups and redundancies. Their bs3 makes their effectiveness inconsistent, but they can make up for it with numbers. You're infantry should be able to deal with all threats types, and so should your vehicles as well. Since your sentinels are going to be anti tank focused, probably best to have the Russ anti infantry focused. I'd recommend either a stand Russ with battlecannon / three heavy bolters (never use the battlecannon as anti tank unless you have to), or an eradicator. Russ is better against marines, Eradicator is better against anything with 4+ saves (tau / eldar / IG etc.).

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Sorry, but i just bursted in laughter after seeing this one.

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What's the matter, too kawaii for you?

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Fuck yeah me and my bros just beat wave 20 in the anvil of khorne.
20Tyrant 19Space Marine 16Lord General.

Anyone else beat wave 20 on either of the arenas?

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Friday is black friday.
I've seen that Fantasy Flight Games and The War Store are having discounts.
Does anyone know of more sales to be had?

So ITT help your bros out and list places that will make our hobby just a bit more affordable.

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Now a series of cute ones that have DoW quotes.


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What's the deal with the Fra'al? Based on the limited amount of fluff about them, they seem like they have alot of potential. It wold be nice to have more hostile Xenos factions since the Tau aren't cutting it.

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It's only good image to anything loli and commissar.

It's that or this.

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