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>the "conjurations" school of magic typically refers to a mage's ability to summon creatures to fight for them
>it allows you to take another entity from another place, possibly even in another plane of existence, and teleport it next to you

>simple teleportation spells that let you warp a dozen feet or so in front of you are considered "generalist" spells

Explain this faggotry.

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What about an Alienist?

They're crazed, amoral psychotics who seek THAT WHICH MAN MUST NOT KNOW at any cost.

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>and even if there is they'll probably leave out the Alienist

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Alienist, I love the flavor, I hate the mechanics. But I played a suicidal houseruled version last time to summon the lovecraft-ish thingies as more powerful and less visible but with a big chance that they could attack me or the allies.
It was fun, every time that I summoned a yog-sothoth kind of monster everyone was scared. It nearly killed us a few times.

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"I gave my grandson my shield last evening, after he spoke to me of the woods.

"He is not afraid, but not because of foolishness or the false bravery of youth. He knows he cannot be afraid. He knows we are nearly dead, and allowing ourselves to fear is the road to death.

"He spoke to me of the runes in the standing stones where the elders met generations ago.

"He thinks they have something to do with the things in the woods. He has seen them too - what kill the hunters and warp our children with their sickness. He says he sees a woman in his dreams cutting open the bellies of mothers and feeding the babes to her hounds in the starlight. The stones are there.

"The northern tribes are lost to us - we only hope they are dead, but the things in the woods tell us the truth. The mists are closing around us. When he says he must find her, his hand tightens around his sword. He is young, but our only future lies in him. He says he must follow the runes to her.

"I am old, and I am afraid."

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For my current campaign, that has one or two sessions left before we wrap up (four of the five players are moving this summer), they all met in a bar in response to a "Help Wanted: Low Pay, High Risk" type summons.

Each of the players had thought up some moderately detailed back story to go by but none of them knew each other.

At the end of their quest they met a crazy star-touched priestess bizzle who spouted out a 20 lined prophecy in iambic fucking pentameter. The prophecy seemed to be vaguely related to the party, and had lots of references to the end of times.

I had some specific things in mind when I wrote the "prophecy" but mostly it was to unite the party and then to watch the fun as they essentially (unintentionally) rose up to what it said. Talk about self-fulfilling...

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What is the best 3.5e arcana spell casting class?

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Copypasta or not, I'm ready to roll out
I'm gonna show you what the Alienist is all about
I call the old gods out from the deepest space
to summon some scary fucker to chew on your face
You called for a rap battle, now prepare to be beaten
By my unholy eldritch god you will be eaten

When I roll up to my cultists my arrival they announce
I work for some dude whose name you can't pronounce
He's got eyes, maws, and tentacles to spare
You could try calling him up, he just might care
But you need to wait till the stars are right
On the first Blue Moon in the dark of the night
You better have the stuff for your sacrifice
If you wake him up without it, he won't be nice

You need the books, gold, blood, and women too
If you're gonna roll with my cultist crew
We're gonna free the chained one, show those non believers
They die as easily by his hand as by our cleavers
Fire will flow down like snow in a gentle breeze
The world's in flame, time's going to freeze
It's the end of the world, It'll be unbelieveable
All this crazy shit, get a magnet, it's a fucking miracle

word to your elder gods

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I'm going summoner then alienist, so I'd have a few summoning spells

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What does Tg specialis in as a wizard (dnd 3.5)

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So I'm rolling up a new character for some 3.5, and the Alienist caught my eye. Unfortunately everyone I have asked about it as said it was terrible and not to take it.

So /tg/ I have to ask why is it so bad? And if its so bad what should I do if I want to make a good summoner?

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So after a few years I am finally going to play some 3.5 again. I thought I could take this opportunity to make some sort of spell-caster seeing as I always play more melee based characters.

Looking at possible prestige classes, I came acrossed the Alienist and thought it sounded neat enough, but I've never heard of it before.

So /tg/, are they any good? If I make one what should I start out as Sorcerer or Wizard? Is there any other books I should take a look at other than Complete arcane and complete mage?

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Good afternoon to you, /tg/!

Im looking for ways to roleplay an alienist. Im somewhat new to roleplaying games and want to be more than a rollplayer and alienists look like it it would be a lot of fun to jump head first into.

Any suggestions?

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