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Well, im playing as a solo player of my own faction, the GM running multiple player factions.

If a player manages to kill another player, that player must make a new character under the command of the winning player, with the end game being one full party.

The parties are pretty unbalanced i think? Seperate Rogue Trader dynasties, orks, ect.

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Void is alive and well, they have been rescued from the avalanche.
Me too, man.

Game begins. Sorry about the delay, I was teaching my gf to play mtg.

You are currently aboard Aspera Dominus, your flagship. What are your plans?

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Also got a fair bit of ship art. Nothings really organized, so be prepared.

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Where to?
There is no indication that this world was ever inhabited by the Eldar, but no one can say otherwise.

Right now it's week after the Battle of Auctumnus. Imperial Guard just arrived, full 22 Regiments, to fight with the sudden invasion threat. However they don't really know how to respond to current situation and summoned someone more important from Tachion Primaris, he'll come in a month. What do you want to do?

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I am not with dev team yet, but I think that as many options should be possible. When I just think of it - if every fa/tg/uy would make just one random encounter, we would already have half of the game done...

RE no.003: "Imperial Navy request your help"(multiple times)
Prerequisites: non-hostile with Imperial Navy
Imperial Navy Admiral -insert name from Imperial Noble database- sends you a soulword, requesting immediate assistance from your Chapter against:
30% Orks
20% Pirates, renegade humans
5% Eldar
10% Dark Eldar
15% Chaos:
= 90% Heretics
= 10% Chaos Space Marines
10% Tau
5% Necrons
5% Minor Xeno race

Enemies have been spotted 5d10 light years away d100 days ago. They were:
30% attacking Imperial vessel
30% making a slave raid(increase to 90% if DE)
5% drifting without any apparent reason(50% if Necrons)
15% commiting to a full scale invasion
20% making a warp jump

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Ah a fellow human? This is Admir- Wait is that a Xeno behind you?

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fucking flood detection.

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Yeah, I guess that is the proper Rogue Trader style

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>So far I've been trying to avoid the Imperial Fleets book with the Space Marines and extra-spiffy Imperial ships.

Space Marines are piss hard to use in BFG anyway. It's one of the main things I like about the game.

The Ret and Mars are both decent command ships, the Dominator's pretty good, but a little short ranged, and that Nova Cannon means you miss out on OH NO NOT MORE TORPEDOES. Lunars are always a good choice, and the Gothic works well in the fire-support capacity you seem to have given it.

The Cobra's should work in that size fairly well, but if you don't roll high for their Ld expect them to perform poorly in battles. The Swords on the other hand should kick the holy shit out of the first person to prioritize the Battleship over them. Like all escorts though, they ARE made out of glass. Use them whilst you got, or save them for finishing off wounded ships. Ultimately it's down to you and you're tactics. I might have gone with upgraded Tyrants over Dominators for more Torp Spam, but if you find you get better success from Nova Cannons, then by all means.

Just remember that the basic firepower of your Battleship isn't great, but it IS long ranged, use it as a fire support ship out at the 50 mark daring ships to pass through a gauntlet of escorts and cruisers to get at it.

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If nothing else, you'll be a fellow fa/tg/uy to engage in fa/tg/uy related discussions online, eh?

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Yes. If you want to commence with your story-time, I will happily cede the stage.


Regardless, during the months of Warp travel as they cross a significant section of the Expanse, they detect another distress signal, this time the broadcast of an Imperial Navy ship. A destroyer of Battlefleet Koronus seemed to have been cornered by a trio of ork raiders, and boarded. AS they engaged the two ork raiders that hadn't rammed the destroyer, the Astropath, using her astropathic chamber, inaugurated her signature move- Compel. She aced a willpower test, and from her astropathic chambers, could affect anyone within five VUs- She proceeded to compel the ork captain of one ship to think that they'd get more and bettah foightan' if he rammed the other ork ship! A hasty piloting check later and the two ork ships drifted away, locked together and already busy trying to board or counter-board each other.

Intend on saving the Navy ship, for Profit or Glory, they returned to the rammed destroyer, and proceeded to board near the hottest action, attempting to hunt themselves a warboss. They actually manage, though the Explorator, coming along to make sure that the machines are being treated right, gets grievously injured fighting the xenos, and looses a leg. The Seneschal is also dragged along, with intent to scare the noble. This somewhat backfired as Vladimir/Neal saved Captain Barbosa by shooting an ork through a corner with his inferno-pistol. Like Jurgen has always known, 13 AP is more than enough to deal with a wall.

Afterwards, they again fail to go "Full Somali Pirate" and leave the Navy ship to finish it's repairs and patrol as the begin the final leg of their trip to the Breaking Yards...

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You must have been that anon all this belongs to then.

Thanks for doing that. If there's anything I'm missing here, please load it.

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Why all Imperial ships look like giant flying penis? Just look at this picture- it screams of phallic symbolism.

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