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>Necrons are utterly flat and bland as an army, with nothing to make them interesting at all
>hints they may get motivation and personality instead of being bland and empty evil space robots
>/tg/ complains

I mean, the fuck? The Tyranids are the evil faceless space nasty army. That's your emotionless monster niche right there. Giving the Necrons some actual substance might make them interesting, and it could be done well - just look at WHFB's Tomb Kings. They're still a scary army made up of empty drones, but then their leaders are actually quite sympathetic without diminishing that effect.

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>Murderval of Chaos
are you fucking serious

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oh god damn it I forgot that

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>real life

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OP you sound like a big gay baby. You're playing D&D with a bunch of females. Unless they're so extra-bad that even the perk of playing with females is negated, keep playing. Otherwise stop playing.


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