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And Godzilla dies to bubbles.
Both sides can play that card, but we both know it doesnt mean shit.

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This is how I Chaotic Evil.

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I have never met a Canadian who was not bro as fuck. Their geese, on the other hand...

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You have having fun wrong, it's actually objectively not fun.

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>US TD's and stuff like IS-2's

I regularly play against american lists running TD's (though never against a full TD Company) and while powerful they aren't the kind of "I win" button many people seem to consider them as, not since the nerf anyway. Though if I was making any sort of US list other than maybe an armor company i would include a platoon of TD's, they are a no brainer IMHO even nerfed.

I think the key to mitigating US TD's is to maneuver aggressively against their security section with recon or units "not worth" an alpha strike. Force them to choose between decloaking earlier (possibly with jack shit to shoot at) or late and out of position. Often all it takes is a few scout cars threatening their security section. Since I started doing this the most I've lost to an alpha strike was an unfortunate platoon of Turans that I used as bait.

The main criticism of my approach is that I'm nearly guaranteeing my opponent getting a VP, which is true and in tournaments this could mean everything.
But in my opinion getting rid of of the TD ambush early is worth the risk. Without their cloak of invisibility US TD's are themselves practically nothing but free VP's themselves. I've yet to see a US TD platoon survive a game that wasn't already won or effectively won by their Alpha strike.

Ran out of characters, sigh...

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Nat 20 Intimidate

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This is for writing down the most generic and boring plot of your favourite system. We do this so GMs can browse this list and avoid this shit like the plague.


The Shadowrunners get a call by Mr. Johnson. The assignment is to break into a corp building and steal something. But the runners are in for a surprise: Mr. Johnson is going to betray them.

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