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Basically, House Elves are slaves. Just straight up slaves. There's a subplot where Hermoine tries to advocate for their freedom and gets really combative about it.

Except the House Elves are actually totally okay with being slaves and being treated as lesser beings, even though they could probably kill a bunch of wizards very easily, since they show the ability to perform magic and even teleport around just by waving their finger. They don't even care (well, they CARE, but they won't do anything about it) if you beat on them.
They're just totally fine with all of it.

So Hermoine tries to rail against the system, but everyone else thinks she's a fucking nutter, including the House Elves she's trying to free, since they don't actually want to be free.
The wizards, of course being wizards, and wizards being fucking dumbasses, don't see anything wrong with treating House Elves like shit in general and basically treating them even worse than they do muggles, but the House Elves are fine with it, so.
It's kind of super fucked up and there isn't a clear cut solution for it.

Unless you start purging shit, of course.

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> safety regulations
> in anime
... is that even a thing?

No, seriously. I'm legitimately trying to think of a show where safety regulations actually came into play and I am drawing a complete blank.

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> Issei is now a girl, and has always been a girl.
> She's still obsessed with boobs.
> Per stock anime character archetype #7, she is flat as a board, and now obsesses with the idea of acquiring larger breasts.

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