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That is essentially Postmodernism.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

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This is how I Librarian

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this is how I Librarian

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He wouldn't. He's a tourneyfag after all.

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The idea of avoiding the ridiculous prices on GW's main site is a good one. Let me help you with that.


An example of some solid online retailers. ebay will also do a whole hell of a lot to save you money. There's also thriving secondhand markets on some forums. For instance, Dakka has people who may be willing to part with their armies for cheap.

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and they can take it and fire down on us one word comes to mind pic related.

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So what's the deal /tg/? Don't browse in like a months, and now that I've checked every night for a week I don't see any drawthreads anymore? Is it all quest/bitchingaboutquest threads?

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It is human nature to seek culpability in a time of tragedy.

It is a sign of strength to cry out against fate, rather than to bow one's head and succumb.

Inevitably many shall fault the sword which felled the thread, the Ordo Moderatus.

But the Inquisition merely performs its duty of its office. To further fear them is redundant. To hate them, heretical.

Those more sensible will place the responsibility to those who forced the hand of the Inqusition.

With some fortune, they may foster this hatred into purpose, and further rule their own fate by comong to Moot's service.

Yet utlimately, it was I who set these events into motion. With a single comment from my computer - threadsplitter.

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Why do all space marines count as one? vanilla don't have lone wolves, and space wolfs don't have vulkan, and neither have furioso librarians.

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>Pic related, what the mods should do to ponyfags on /tg/

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So what do you think magical Warhammer 40k is like? I don't know enough about what 40k was like in the 90s to make an assumption.

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This is how I patronus.

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Every single Marine in the chapter is a powerful psyker, and they employ strange small sticks to perform countless psychic effects with. Understandably, the chapter is under heavy scrutiny from the Inquisition.

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why u so mad op?

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Roll 19
Void born 25
Divination 3
Sanctioning 3
Buy 5
Living Nightmare 5

Yep, that's legitimate. Well, somebody's looking out for him. Phenomena can still be an issue, and he's got a head start on everyone in the insanity department.

So what's your issue? You report "gameplay is going fine." Is having a more powerful character in the party that much of an issue? Would you prefer that he play a more interesting powerful character? There's enough in that character to make things interesting: How'd he get in prison? What's behind the Living Nightmare? Who will take an interest in him as his power and reputation grows?

Is this a personal conflict with the player?
What does the GM think?
Have you spoken to either of them about whatever your misgivings are?

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Sweeeet Heroes 3, ive been playing hot seat with 3 buds of mine this past month, we 50 percent done with scenario.

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