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Bump for teh emperor

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self bump

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Hey /tg/
I'm running a Deathwatch campaign and I need some plot hooks, ideas, and GMing tips in general. Anything you might find helpful for a struggling GM

I'm running this game for two of my friends, though one or two more might join. One is a Dark Angels Psyker and the other is an Ultramarines Devastator. I made some other characters for them to control so they could round out the party if they wanted. Both of them are fairly green to the whole 40k universe, so this kind of gives me some working room with the lore.

I have what I think is an okayish plot hook, Necrons awaken on a desert world, so the deathwatch is called in to take a look/slap some shit. Where could I take it from there for this deathwatch team?

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Imhotep's taking of Helbrecht's arm basically confirms that Ward is writing Black Templars. Prepare yourself for mechanic horses and knightbrarians with non-psychic sword powers.

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Damnit you guys, now I want to paint more of my templars.. Bad thing is, friend whose place I paint/model at is not in town for a week or so :/

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Oh thank you guys a lot! This is truly helpful.

Some hq for you!

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rolled 8, 3 = 11

Hey elegen/tg/entleman, I'm looking for a screencap of a homebrew game based on elementals and how they created the worlds. I know some of you have it. Pic totally unrelated.

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Space Marines
Space Marines are the defenders of humanity, chosen from aspiring heroes and given the best training, weapons and armour that humanity can outfit them with. Space Marine players can be IoM, Chaos or Independent.

Chapter Masters
Chapter Masters are Militant and Aggressive.

High Marshal
High Marshals are Militant and Faithful.

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1) Yes, find a good name
2) Sell more items than just tabletop and video games. These typically don't bring in enough money for overhead. Sell other things too, like scrapbooking and art project materials (which some of those things can cater to both figurine lovers and NORPs)
3) Keep it clean. Just because people run dungeons in your shop doesn't mean it has to look like one. I swear, game shops with a working bathroom (not one with plywood walls) and a clean, quiet atmosphere are few and far between. The kind of store you run will determine the kind of clientele who frequent it.
4) Don't be an asshole to people. This is another thing I run into alot. When I want to invite someone who's never played DnD or the like, I don't want the guy behind the counter to act all smug and demeaning to the new player.
5) Have your gamerooms or aisles give players of respective hobbies layover/exposure. Put DnD on one side of the aise and WH40K on another (or any other hobbies that might interest someone who only plays one). Have your WH40k gametables in sight of your DnD area. Casual exposure can eventually lead to genuine interest and therefore more money for you.

Hope this helps.

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Way to take a troll post seriously.

Also those starcraft and avatar arts are just faaaaabbbbbbbulous aren't they?

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