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Is it true that OP is a fag? Signs point to yes.

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>people are posting things that while lewd are still following the rules
>I should start breaking the rules myself because it's not shitposting when I do it!

This is what you sound like now, OP.

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Hear that? That's the sound of us not giving a shit.

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Finally the boat catches up to the warrior woman who is likely flagging from treading water weighed down by a giant man. They throw her a line, but there is nobody piloting the boat for a bit and they notice they are entering the lake, which is 10+ kilometers from the town where they started their evening.

The warrior comes aboard and she gets set up to navigate before the ship runs aground on a marshy patch near the edge of the lake. The powered oars slide out of the water as their ship is beached, but they continue to row fruitlessly in the open air.

The ship is now free of gang members and they seem to have it to themselves, but it is also run aground, it is full of corpses, is arguably stolen, and they have no idea how to use it.

I LET THEM HAVE THEIR FUCKING BOAT, and I called the session closed at 4:30 or so AM.

So the party has a heavily damaged, albeit extremely valuable boat. Like, the engine alone is probably worth several times as much as all the characters have had in their posession in the 5 or so sessions we have played.

I LET THEM HAVE THEIR BOAT. Now they will have to figure out how to deal with it. I am not sure if this is a case of me being stupid and not being able to say no to something stupid, or if this is a case of being cool and letting the players do what they want. The session went 3+ hours over usual, and they were SUPPOSED to kill the guy and ditch. What do you think /tg/?

This was my story of last night.

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Nope, nothing about acts of depravity here. Told you so.

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>Conqueror comes to our shitty lands
>Hears our legend about a huge ass knot and how the one to untie becomes king
>Asshole conqueror cuts the knot in half and declares it solved
>No one in our town is ballsy enough to tell this guy he's being a shithead

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Daily reminder: it's probably your fault, OP.

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Samefag on the same crusade against the book we've seen twice already. We've already talked to death about the book, it's a lot less horrible than the ELH for 3.5 but still not amazing or anything. If you're looking for simpler gameplay, play a different fucking game.

Eat shit, OP.

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Congratulations, you figured out how to work a striker. Try keeping that shit up past level 10 in 4e.

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>Lucius Drop Pod used to break the game twenty time over by allowing to win turn 1
>it doesn't anymore
Cry harder.

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I don't really read too many quests here, but I have noticed (via skimming suptg) that many of them tend to go on for quite a long time. Consequently, I'd like to ask a question to all the QMs here: Have you considered how (and/or when) you're going to make an ending for your quest?

Even the best quests grow old eventually, and the longer it goes, the more likely that the story will lose its old charm and grow into a hollow shell of its former self (see: "Arc Fatigue" on TvTropes). While such an action may seem repulsive to you and your readers, you have to let the quest end eventually whether you want to or not. Like any story, a quest is not meant to go on indefinitely.

I mean no offense to any QM or their readers- I understand that quests have become an inseparable part of /tg/ culture, for better or for worse. Nor is this meant to be a criticism of the subject matter or writing quality of any given quest- while I am not interested in all of the currently running quests, this should not be misconstrued as being a troll or hater in any way.

Pic semi-related; after attempting to ask EchoGarrote this question on his Lamia Child Quest and receiving a much more hostile response than I had anticipated from his readers, I now expect a similar treatment in this thread. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to post this anyway in the hope that it might spark some sort of discussion that isn't simply questfags and anti-questfags insulting one another.

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No, it's not pol. Not enough ethnic slurs to be from there.

Still dumping.

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OP, I...

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And for the games we play without little men? Like Pathfinder or D&D? Lit? Quick faggots, your imaginary men are toys too, my paradigms are all fucked now!!

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