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Sort of, I play an heir to king Arthur and knight of the round table in modern day England in Dresden Files.

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>Looting defenseless peasants.

That sir, is entirely unchivalrous, and unbecoming my Sarranid lord.

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Depends. No char ive ever played would have ever stopped a beat to consider this. Drow`s cannot be trusted, and will in all likelyhood try to murder you in more or less horrible ways if/when given the option. Thusly, its better to not take the chance, and simply opt for the mercy that they would never show a defeated enemy, or if you want points in the asshole department, tie it down, and let it bleed out.

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Let the banner ride high, and be proud to serve under it.
We are the cleaners that keep the world turning, we do our duty so that the world can remain in its illusion of peace.
The Silver Flame, is us, those that do what must be done, so that others can live in peace.

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And I forgot a picture. Oh well! I have been suddenly called to drive a friend home who is very drunk apparently. So I must depart. I hope this thread goes brilliantly.

Albigensian Crusade! Damn my eyes, how could I forget those wonderful heretic bastards? They could form the basis of aeryoaineronofinoinoi going

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>Medieval 2- We Are All One

Deus Volt.

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Blargh. You're failing me badly, /tg/,

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