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I'm thinking of picking Spartacus as a Demi-servant, I admire the core belief of his Saint graph as a berserker, "always make the most difficult choice", even if this is just Mad enhancement EX talking, that kind of mentality would be useful when dealing with all the nightmare worlds I will end up visiting in later jumps.
But being a Demi-servant is a last resort trump card that I want to keep hidden, to be used only if shit hits the fan and my own servant is about to be killed, for everyone else, I will just be another master, not sure if berseker spartacus would be okay with me just watching my servant fight when there are oppressors to destroy.

Saber Spartacus would be fun too, but I have no idea how his NP would work for a saber version, there is no mystical weapon or divine treasure tied to his legend.

You know, what exactly decides the power level of servants in fate? There is such a huge gap between Spartacus and Nero, and well, its not like Nero was know to be a powerful warrior/gladiator, is Nero this powerful because she runs on pure waifu power?

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