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Good ol' Beardfist Fistbeard.

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"First things first. Why didn't you let me fight the robot?" you ask.

"I assumed you already had?" she asked, honestly surprised. "You mean you work here and don't...?"

"And how do you know my name?" you ask.

"I saw it on your little weird guy's phone when he called you," she says. "Along with your picture, you know? He scuttled off to secure a chokepoint after he saw me. To call the rest of security, I guess," she says.

"Wait, what? I thought you were security for this place," you say.

"No, I'm a sppppppppecial kinda person."

She's just as new to this as you are, apparently.

"In any case. Any second now a bunch of goons are gonna come swarming through that lab door. Wanna help me fight 'em off?" you ask.

"Oh, yeah!" she says. "I'm into that."

You carefully set the folder down on a counter on the lab and remove your jacket. This other woman loosens her shoulders and then lowers her stance, settling into some incredibly old-timey looking Snake Fist.

"Looks like they're here," she says. "I take the left, you take the right."

>roll 1d24. Highest above or below ten takes it.

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Never played Streetwise. I was referencing The Last Dragon.

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Thanks! I haven't read Maverick Hunter Quest, but I'll give it a shot in the archives.


I was meaning to set it a few months after SFQ's ending just to let Anon, Ellie or Boss Honda be guest fighters depending on player choices, but that actually sounds way better. Gets around a few continuity issues I was worried about and the late seventies through early nineties had way crazier gang/urban martial arts media. Plus a younger, not-yet-mellowed-out Tatsuya could still appear.

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>This is how I Book of Weaboo Fightan Majick

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"So...y'all honkies the ones who claim you hard..." says the Shogun of Harlem.
"Indeed we are." says Ragebeard, "We're here to help."
"Ha! We'll see!" says the Shogun, "What do you have that I do not?"
"Men, guns, and the ability to win." says Morty.
"Well then! You might be of use to me after all..." says the Shogun.
"Of course, we aren't doing this for free..." says Sung.
"If you were, I'd think less of you," says the Shogun, "You squats like axes, right? Behold."
Somebody wheels out a smoke machine.
"If you fight alongside me, I will grant you weapons..."
They turn the smoke machine on.
"...that can cut the clouds in flight!"
The shogun throws an axe at the smoke, cutting it in half.
"That will be my gift to you when I win this."
The axe falls and kills some generic guy.
"Interesting." says Morty.
"The field of battle is where two rivers meet. Be there." says the Shogun, "We will teach them a lesson for attacking my Shogunate!"

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>Isn't the entire bloody point here to make a fantasy version of Blacksploitation Harlem?

fixed that for you.

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