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>"it's what my character would do"
I thought that was the rogue player's domain to excuse bullshit their character does.

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>GM emulator
Tell me more. It's not just randomly rolling dice anymore?

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I'd just like to read some good fantasy that's not a part of series of even trilogy. All authors seem to feel this need to go balls deep into a long running narrative.

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Captain Bittenfield of the Lyran Guards. I know this is a Jade Falcon trap, but my assault lance will push on through regardless.

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"I regret not raping you the last 3 times I beat you. I won't be making that mistake again."

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1. Smile--everyone is watching! Heheh.

2.. Raised platform, with proag's party trapped and forced to watch

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o03Av-tGTok

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A fast battleship you say?

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Saturday - a DnD 5e game, hopefully

Sunday - DMing a homebrew Magical Girl game

having a blast with both, even though both have attendance issues mostly due to TRIPLE TIMEZONES

thank you either way /tg/, you made this possible

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