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The problem with axes is that the only things they have a pronounced edge against (Terminators) over swords A)have an invul save, while your axe probably doesn't, and B)is probably always going to have at least 1 dude hitting before you. Like, shit, every terminator squad that can should have 1 or 2 PoLCs just to laugh at the idiot charging him with axes.
All they have to do is give serpents and falcons assault ramps. You're still probably exposing the ass-end AV10 to the whole fucking enemy, it'd hardly be unbalanced on 135 point vehicles. But like homing beacons, only the might Imperium has figured out how to make a decent ramp to run out of.
Seriously, fuck "3-turn assaults if you want to put your t3 4+ 200 point CC unit in a transport".
At least our minis don't look dumb as shit as they've been going modern.

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Red uns go fasta

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Reavers wish they were as chill as Saim-Hann Warlocks.

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sup /tg/

Is the jetlock council still viable in today's game?

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Oh, I know! It's quite adorable, isn't it?

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Additionally, I recall reading somewhere that Mesh armour can tighten to prevent bleeding out. If a Guardian gets shot in the arm or leg, his armour would tighten above the wound, cutting off the blood supply to lessen the chances of bleeding to death. I'm not sure whether that was official fluff or fanfic/speculation, though.

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I just got into the playing side of the hobby, My Eldar army is quite pathetic at the moment. A farseer, jetbikes, vypers, a few banshees and 3 wraithlords.

As far as I know there'll be genestealers, warriors and a trygon. And probably a million hormagaunts.

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I love the look on this guy's face.

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for 65pts you get a fast skimmer that fires 12 shots and has a 5+ inv sv

that's less than the cost of 3 scourges, and more firepower.

the transport is a bonus.

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here you go

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While kinda silly its not so much that they cant make the better armor, it that they dislike that style of combat. Hell even with that they do have 3+ armor variations. Hell look at Phantom and Warlock titans, they rofl stomp Imperial titans all day.

Now why wraith lords and such arnt 2+ I'd hope thats more of a balance issue.

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Orks like to be shooty, they likes the dakka, Eldar love to be shooty and their guns got more dakka than anyone else. What's got more dakka than a squad of reapers, or a squadron of warwalkers blowin' a buncha lame beakies away? Eldar had so much dakka, all them beakies started bawlin and cryin that da eldar sayz "ok wez gonna shoot 2 shoots instead a 3, now quit with da bawwin'"
Just so ther'd always be enough beakies for da Eldar to party wiff.

Orks like to get choppy, Eldar love to get choppy, dedicated shrines for two distinctly refined kinds of choppy even. They seems to like choppy more than dakka though, even their most dakka phoenix lord went and sayz "i likes to get choppy, so my shuriken cannon gots a big choppy blade 'ere"

Ork likes to be sneaky, nobody more sneaky than a pathfinder.

Orks likes to be kunnin', nobody's got more kunning than a Farseer

Red ones go Fasta? Saim Hann (most speedy)

Exodites and Feral orks got similar positions in relation to their more common starfaring kin. They both consider themselves to be 'more propa' since theyz more connected with da natural ways. They both likes to herd dragons/squigs and rely on them, sometimes bringing them to war. Theyz also gets into scraps with imperial colonies all the time.

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my Saim Hann Wild Ridar army (shit load of jetbikes)

born to be wild by Steppenwolf or Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner

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