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>GW plastics can be posed in any way you want you moron
You also can make your own model from resin or green stuff, what's the point?
>neither the book power armour nor the movie power armor are described like the space marines and you posted a picture of dune

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Another decade and war will be so much cooler.

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Just finished this for the umpteenth time. Went on to attempt Tigana by Guy Gaveriel Kay, I can't recommend it. Guy has interesting ideas but a bland style in my opinion.

/tg/ wants a good read? Go look up anything by Richard Morgan. Black Man (Thirteen in the states) and Market Forces in particular are excellent.

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Armor: Ever take a look at the weaponry floating around in 40k? There are man-portable, highly intense laser cannons, semi-automatic rocket launchers and plasma weapons. Not to mention really, really high-calibre bullets. These are only the man-portable weapons of the 41st milennium.

Overpriced: It's no worse than your average MMO, sports game, RPG, or buying video games every month because you go through them in a week or two.

Character design: GW was the first, and besides, everyone took their fuckawesome power-armor elite soldier idea from Robert Heinlein.

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End of fucking thread.

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