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There's another Earth, one that's the literal shadow of the one we live in. It's a twisted reflection, filled with magic, monsters and hidden pathways to even stranger places.

You want to visit? You want powers? It's easy.

Find a suitable denizen of that world while they're visiting this one. Present yourself to them, and endure their attention. You'll be warped in body and mind, taking bits of their nature into yourself.

You might pick up anything from fur to horns, to a lust for gold or a short temper, but once you've become half-monster yourself, you can step into that other world and back again.

Just be sure to give yourself to just the right creature, and remember to be polite. Otherwise, it may please them to inflict any manner of bizarre changes upon you.

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Hey guys I'm planning on doing a home brew inquisitor list. My plan is to have my Inquisitor as a HQ, 1 x Assassin as an elite, but Imperial Guard Storm Troopers as the troop choice. Would it be OP or imba to have guys with AP3 lasguns as my troop section, or does the 16 points balance it out alright?

I'm also planning on packing 2 Vendettas, but upping the points cost to between 160-190 points. Any suggestions?

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This is awesome. Let's make a setting out of it.

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Fa/tg/uys are creative.

You just need to get MOTIVATED, eg.

Chaos is all encompassing, and is everpresent throughout the universe. Like these mammaries.

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I'll ask the same question, but with a bent towards yuri, which i find it to be in short supply.

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Did someone call for me?~

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You have tits while still being safe for work.

Hell more safe for work than the adverts and some of the 4chan banners.

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Aw there was me hoping it would be using Realm of Chaos and all the glorious d1000 tables.

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And there in lies the problem.

But "weird shite" is banned everywhere else.

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OP here.

You guys are horrible, I am ROFL-ing here already.

Pic in return.

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Has anyone here who plays Changeling The Lost ever had their character or heard of someone's character hitting Wyrd 10 and Clarity 0, thus becoming True Fae?

Did anyone ever get close? How was it handled?

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The one that really stuck with me from Daemonifuge was when the priest gets found with the Slaaneshi daemon directly stimulating his brain by pushing its fingers through the sides of his face.

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Are from Guild Wars 2 artwork.

I think is just a random piece of art, but perhaps GW 2 related.

Is from a Buck Rogers comic.

Is from the manga Bio Mega.

Sooo...are random humanoid bio freak things also allowed?

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By art style I was meaning the in-game style.

The artwork for the game is a lot better, though in my opinion below the likes of Guild Wars.

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Thank you gentlemen.

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