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The fact that Blue is a great audience surrogate is why I feel it all works.

Despite being a bunch of random "wacky" characters made up over the course of a few threads, they're actually varied and interesting in a Saturday morning cartoon sort of way. This while still ultimately being about "what if Orks adopted a Tau".

We should never forget that RNG was responsible for Boris the Titan though.

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>Fucking Square-Enix.


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Somewhere in the Oestalan Sector there is a section of the Warp that never truly recovered from the storms that ravaged the sector for two millenia. If there were a Farseer of some sort studying the Warp in this area, she would conclude that somehow, because the Warp folds over on itself or something, there is a pocket of reality that is extremely difficult to get into and get out of. Indeed, the scattering of systems that lie within this irregularity are even now still curiously isolated from the sector at large and are quite difficult to detect from the outside. The inhabitants find themselves shielded from the larger machinations that surround them in the sector, yet trapped with nothing to do but brood and plan. If a small Craftworld pursued by Dark Eldar were to punch through this fold in a daring and foolish attempt to escape, they would no doubt shake off some (but not all) of their assailants and then have the time to slowly recover. Perhaps the hypothetical Craftworld would hire out a group of Freebooterz, lead by a dashing and handsome swashbuckler of an Ork, to take care of the rest of the Dark Eldar and all of the other threats in the small group of systems. Hypothetically.

The Blood Jaguars' homeworld lies but an comet's orbit away from this irregularity, and indeed they, out of all of the Oestalan Sector, have the most experience dealing with the inhabitants. Once they were able to force their way into this irregularity to liberate a fallen world from Chaos, and, after a somewhat phyrric victory, spent the majority of a standard year trying to get back out. Any attempts to escape using the Warp simply turned the fleet back into the irregularity. The method the Blood Jaguars used to finally manage to leave is only known by them and the Sun Emperor. They have not since tried to return to that irregularity, probably for good reason.

There is but one other record of this irregularity on file.

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How could you possibly not have heard of Blue at this point? She has a bunch of pictures and a metric shit ton of stories


Hell, one story is over sixty pages with her as the main character.

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If you want some written Blueberry, there's a new story about Blue here:


It's also quite long.

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I disagree, she's not underage, just immature thanks to growing up with orks. Bear in mind that all of the pictures drawn of her would be when she's older and has lived with the orks for a while.

I find her cute, not sexual.

All that said fuck off for using the word "creepy" like a fucking SJW whiteknight.

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That's not strictly true. With the Scraplootas she's an adult, just not very mentally developed.

I vaguely remember something about the WAAAAGH field or whatever keeping her young because the orks don't think she'd age. I might be wrong, fuck it.

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