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It means the emperor protects approximately as well as a five-point piece of equipment.

And people say Sisters of Battle are overpriced.

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>tfw no qt3.14 big titty eldar gf to be heretical with
>tfw I will never have passionate psyker sex with a farseer
>tfw I will never make a howling banshee have a screaming orgasm.

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There's also a fanfic where Farseer Caerys captures and rapes Canoness Selena Agna and it ends with the suggestion that Selena has fallen for Caerys.

Not sure of /tg/'s cannon in regards to those two.

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Okay, this gender-swap thing is taking alot longer than expected, and is really eating into my creativity. If you like I'll post what I've written so far and shelve it, and start work on this Drow Matron story which I think I'll be able to write much faster, and come back to the genderswap party thing at a later point, when my creativity has been restored.

Thoughts, /tg/?

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One of these days I want to actually sort out my folders and make a /tg/ folder that actually has all the /tg/ things.

I tried a month or so ago; I have over 17,000 images in my pictures folder. I have managed to sort about 5k of the newest ones. It's... not a very successful battle.

Actually no. I wrote one of the most horrible things ever posted on /tg/.


Emprah forgive me...

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Here is the Macha 'rape' one. None of them have been edited, checked or anything. So, bad.


Here is the first one I did, started to turn it into a proper story due to some people being interested in it, but I stopped after doing major back story. So, yeah. This is SoB lesbian stuff.


Here is a fic about a Blood Angel and a Sister of Battle.


Here is the Idranel and Caeyrs transform fic


And here is the male Calldius Assassin transformation fic, somebody liked body transformation as a fetish, so, yeah. There is lewd stuff of course.

There was another but I lost it.


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True. Before they were retconned, there were hundreds of millions of them. While their are hundreds of billions of Imperial Guard, there are maybe tens of thousand Space Marines... The SoB were bridge. Then 99% of them were killed off. Shame. They used to own.

Whoa. That is really scary you get that upset about some fiction. Their lore doesn't suck, because "suckage" is subjective. Same for their decisions and so on. Your comment is not objective truth.

It might be an Inquisition member.

SoB get trolled all the time. Lots of factions do.

Also, remember, /tg/ Steam Group!


47 members so far!

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Just kiss already.

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2/10. He gave up after 1 post. Then starting posting Ron Paul. He didn't even try. He was probably bored before school/work and thought he'd "troll" /tg/.

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You're already busy.

Ask the not so kind gents of /gif/, that's where I found it.

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I just think the Imperium has bigger problems to worry about than who fucks who.

Also, on a side note, does the fluff ever mention when first contact with xenos is?

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Or Lesbians, not enough of them either.

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So only 100yr olds?
You freak.

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>lolis are better anyway


And, fine, I can do some.... I just wish they'd make a 18+ spoiler type thing.

Also, due to the fact I have no fucking idea what they consider NSFW... I mean, I posted loads of stuff which had small bits of nudity, but that was fine, they only deleted and banned me for posting a picture of a Tyranid fucking an Eldar....

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I don't like that picture and I'm a sucker for SoB Yuri. My god, am I actually getting tired of YurI?!

>Checks Yuri Folder
>170+ mangas
>Hundreds of pictures, all ordered by genre
>Sees Rule34 40k folder

Oh, everything is fine.

>goes through his entire 40k folder, wincing only at the Tyranid on female pictures.

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Sorry man, I've collected mine from all over the place. I have 60 odd Rule 34/Adult pictures and loads of just normal 40k pics. Here is a sample of a non-adult picture... but is a Rule 34 picture.

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That's Flatseer Idranel; Caerys has a ponytail. Here she is extracting information from the mind of a Mon-Keigh leader.

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So, Elf ears.

Better leaf-shaped, or long and pointy? Personally I like them a little shorter, which means they don't have to be as rigid as long ears would need to be to support their own weight. More like horns at a certain point.

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Muh third party fluff.

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It is such a shame that Boreale's plans for Farseer Caerys never came to fruition:


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