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I can't wait for the green text post complaining about LoS in the game. All in good fun, of course.

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Right here with ya, fellow melee-enthusiast

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>Worshipping gods of running around shouting, dying of the sniffles and nerds instead of the god of doing rad shit hard

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canonically eldar are taller, faster, and stronger than humans.

but in your magical realm, sure.

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Anyone got that fan made psyker mishap chart that's all Slaanesh focused? I need it for reasons.

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Delta of Venus, Anais Nin.

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go back to your safe space on Cadia, loyalist

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We need more men like you anon.

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>StDs are nurgle keyword

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My friend plays Eldar and I play CSM/30k Emperor's Children. They want to go half-and-half with me on Death Masque.

What would be the best thing to use the Deathwatch for and/or what should I do to make them chaosy? I don't have too many bits outside of Emperor's Children shoulder pads and a few chaos heads.

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Read my post again. We're friends with the GW store manager who's liberal in his practice. Fuck, he even let me go into the back of the store where I stored 3 armies I was assembling/painting in store over a few months, including a Warhound titan. We're now quite close, go out drinking after games nights, and we're starting a heresy campaign in the new year out of store as he's quitting and getting a better job. If we were alone in store he would openly criticise GW, as he would when we went out in the evenings with regulars we liked.


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This day Emmesh-Aiye had not come alone. Pinned to his flesh were two long cords of woven skin, and tethered by collars to these cords were two crippled and naked followers, twin brother and sister, both Emmesh-Aiye’s slaves of many years. Emmesh-Aiye had blinded the boy and deafened the girl, and then had cut off their arms at the shoulders. In this way they were always aware of one another, but unable to converse or embrace. Sometimes their master allowed them to sit together, clumsily trying to comfort each other with their cut and scarred bodies unable to embrace, Emmesh-Aiye giggling and trilling with excitement over the misery he was inflicting. Unable to shape words with his mutilated tongue, Emmesh-Aiye would grunt and yelp and clash his distended fingers in a cacophony that he had carefully and brutally trained the boy to interpret. Now strutting in the centre of the meeting-square, Emmesh-Aiye began to warble and clap. At each pause in his antics the boy-twin spoke while the girl, unable to hear her brother’s words, looked up at Chengrel or around the chamber at the others.

‘Emmesh-Aiye, whose words I speak, speaks his gratitude,’ said the master through the voice of his slave. ‘Emmesh-Aiye, whose will and instrument I am so pleased to be, speaks welcome and companionship to his fellow devotees and servants of the Powers of the Wellspring.’ Hodir and Khrove exchanged a look at that, and Chengrel’s expression turned stony, but Drachmus nodded and stirred the smoking ashes in his bowl.

‘Emmesh-Aiye presents himself for your admiration as the brave, the elegant, the exquisite master in the train of Slaanesh. Emmesh-Aiye shall present his offering and his account, certain that both shall delight even as our service to the Great Ruin delights us all. Emmesh-Aiye now speaks to his fellow masters direct, and bids my voice to speak just as his own as he recounts a tale of his deeds.’

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Damn, such rhytmn, such flow!

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I say, good thing you're leaving.

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hello brother

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before this thread gets out of hand with sexuality I would remind you that Slaanesh is a god of perfection and Excess, not just sex, excess in all forms, drugs, eating, drinking, the thrill of combat, crafting, pain, pleasure, and even the final act of death is supposed to be pleasurable to all those that follow Slaanesh.
Think of it as a drug addict, Sex might be the gateway drug, and it's high gets you interested in others, until you become so dulled to those that you look for the next high, and you simply cannot stop.

now all that being said, adding one breast to the model and maybe swapping out the head with something a bit more feminine would fit very well with the fluff of slaanesh.

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And thus the Bloodfuckers killraped half a craftworld, and enslaved the other half.
And they all lived happily ever after.

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