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Since you kids are determined to piss and moan about balance, lets take this to a different level. What is one completely new addition to the game you want to see in 7th edition? Has to be a brand new mechanic

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>gorilla warfare
Definitely not picking you, monkey lady. Your probably a eldar, judging from your speech, and haterd of necron monoliths

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I want it so bad.

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The Emperor would probably make his own Pokemon in a lab.

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No, they most certainly do not.

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Ok so how would modern day earth fare again each one of the 40k armies if we completely ignore the space component ?

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As the PDF ever won anything?

Actually as the IG ever won a major victory against a serious attack from a major faction?

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With enough firepower, even a titan should be able to go down.
But no, it would not be easy since there is few war machines from any other lore I know of that are an equal discription to a titan.

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/tg/ Canonically how powerful is the Emperor.
Physically and Psychically

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So This is a story about how my Deathwatch Tactical Marine accidentally became a Warboss

My Character is an Imperial Fist tactical marine. He is slated to shoot things, and shoot things well. Strangely enough hes our teams pilot and a diplomat. I am pushing a high 50 Fellowship and a 60 BS. Ploygot, Air of Authority, peer Adeptus Astartes, he's meant to talk to people since the rest of the kill-team is a Black Templar Tactical Marine, a Scythes of the Emperor Tech Marine, a Knights of Blood Apothecary, and a Salamander Assault Marine. They kill not talk.

We are on a planet thats under attack from the orks, and there's a bit of chaos malignancy going on. We had already encountered a few daemons and even killed a blood thirster with the aid of a rhino which we rammed it with. We aren't an Orthodox kill team.... The orks were divided into two camps, a southern tribe and a northern tribe. We came to find the Warboss of the southern tribe was tricked into the service of Nurgle while the northern was 100% good ol' Orky.

Well we don't know where the northern tribe's boss is, so we just hack our way through the nurgly orks to the south since chaos why the fuck not? During a raid on a camp we come across a horde of Regular looking boys. In my infinite diplomatic wisdom I think " Hey we can interrogate one for the location of their boss. Its a long shot, but why the fuck not." Surprisingly my team agrees with me.

We we fight the horde trying to leave a few left. It gets down to about three and its looking like it wont happen. So I charge the horde and tell the GM that I am attempting to tackle one out of it. He allows me to but with some penalties, My character is sub par in Melee, also very squishy. (Mk IV BITCHES)

I succeed strangely enough and I tackle an ork out of the horde. The other two are killed easy enough. However our Apothecary is in Blood frenzy, where he MUST kill what he harms. Everyone else tries to calm him down, and get him worked down slowly.

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Here's a better idea.

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Requestan Empire 8th ed scan.

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