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I like to (perhaps falsely) believe that's what I'm doing with my campaign, which will eventually end up being "evil empire vs dark lord bad man from shadow land with orc friends". The idea is that there's a not!Roman republic that's being attacked by orcish hordes, that suddenly appear a lot more organized and agressive. Turns out that one of the orcish tribal lords was both cruel and charismatic, convincing his tribe to commit genocide on multiple other tribes until the remaining ones were scared into submission. He then promised those loyal to him great riches if they follow him in his invasion of "Roman" lands. In reality this orcish leader is possessed by a great demon who merely uses the orcs as a tool to unlock his sealed body. Meanwhile, on the other side of the conflict, the "Roman" republic is in crisis and under threat by these suddenly incredibly organized orcs, prompting a charismatic and opportunistic general to take over, crown himself supreme leader and abolish the senate in the name of maintaining order.

Writing it out like this makes me realize it's still a pretty stupid and superficial idea, but it's not too late to straighten out the edges. I guess the biggest problem with this setting might be "suddenly, a demon lord!" but I have no idea how else to introduce a satisfying BBEG to conclude the campaign.

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