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Modron pottery.


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Well done

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Who is the cutest commander with a smile you can't help but protect?

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>implying the RP posts are serious

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Did you like it?

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not sure if this is pasta or oc, but I like it

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I say "hey, it's a egyptian style setting with egyptian social moors."

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This idea is pretty cool, love how it explains a "natural" undead uprising

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>tfw you kill your opponents team leader who they named after themselves during your first turn

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I'm a narcissist so same, except fun is a cuck measure fit for a faggot who'd use the term "ForeverGM", especially with careful punctuation and all (you new?), I just usually feel it'd be BETTER if I run it, because it would be.

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>I'm the mentally disabled one
>Also DM
>Went off my meds a couple months back
>Made some monsters and parts of the setting based on my own hallucinations and stuff
>I feel like its actually helping me more than the medication ever did

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>Against Doomguy

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Your post made me hard. Also explains why dwarves tend to get on well with my favorite race (Dragonborn) when you consider that DB are essentially what Sangheili would be if they existed in high fantasy.

10/10 post anon, would do a dwarf/DB buddy cop dynamic with you in game

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TES plays 6 discard spells main m8, it's not as different from ANT as you think.

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Thank you very much.
What a beauty.

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Then write more faggot. Practice makes passable. Or find someone else who can edit your stuff and build a setting with them.

>not constantly revising and improving your setting until it doesn't even resemble the original
The original concept is always shit. That's why you change things, and keep changing them as you learn more and suck less.

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Ej Har here.

All you Lumineers and Umbubus thinking you're anything other than trash amuses me to no end.

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I'd have to agree anon.
It's a lot more fun that way. Fuck the haters.

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>Those pictures

Clear plus Mikhail is an instant yes from me. Signing the fuck up.

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