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Yes. Pathfinder.

Alternatively, we *COULD* run the game on roll 20... but I don't know anything about that virtual tabletop.

Pic once again a former PC.

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I played a pathfinder rogue who was blatantly sexual a lot.

I offered one of the other PCs a blowjob for his share of the gold, and everyone chimed in that they wanted one too. I let them all gangbang me. The best part? I didn't really care about the gold =3c I just like to RP as a huge slut because I can't be one in RL without ruining my life.

Pic related - it's a character portrait of my rogue by a resident drawfag =3

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Hey /tg/

I need a little hand drawing some maps.

I've got the general idea of how I want things laid out, but the problem is that if I were to draw the map it would literally just be rectangles with words in them. Not very nice looking.

Instead, I was wondering if there was any stock art or clip art that I could kind of copy/paste into an arrangement that I liked for a map. Sort of a "create your own map" image set.

If anything of that sort exists, I'd like to know more about it.

Otherwise, general map making/campaign idea thread.

How do you use maps?
Do you prefer grid based combat, or obscured combat?
Do you strictly enforce things, or just use the miniatures as a general idea?

Pic unrelated, but awesome.

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sup /tg/!

I just got done running an awesome little game in Pathfinder. I want to do it again, but most of the players don't seem to have the time anymore. That means I'm looking for more people =D

There's a catch though... the campaign was specifically started as an ERP campaign. For those of you that don't know, that means Erotic Roleplay.

Say what you want about it, but it really had an impact on the game and made it feel a little... different. In a good way.

So! I'll be trying to run Pathfinder again. Last time I ran it on OpenRPG and it went great. I've also tried it on IRC. It wasn't too different, but the dicerolling was a bit awkward sometimes with Dicebots being absent or going out of whack.

Anyhoo, more info in the next post!

Pic is related: One of the resident drawfags made a portrait of one of my player's characters from the previous campaign.

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Well, thats what I get for not being fast enough.

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