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Well, i cant think of Dark Eldar who never was on receiving end of Agoniser dagger, if you catch my drift.
Well, exept for Incubi maybe, cause they are total badasses and shit.

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Am I the only one who doesnt like the new incubi? I know the old models weare horrible but I dont think they had to give them those stupid horns to make them look evil. It seams the only reason for them having horns was to tie them up with the horned drazhar. Also where did their tormentors go and why if their armour is PA equivalent does it look EXACTLY like the warriors armour.

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Sup fa/tg/uys. I've got a problem.

I started playing WH40k as Tau the better half of a decade ago. I soon learned the error of my ways, and after countless defeats to cheesy Space Marine and CSM armies, I made the switch to the Glorious Emprah. I have been ever faithful and loyal since then.

But...the new Dark Eldar...why do they interest me so much? What heresy is this!?!? What do I do?!?!

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>They're just conversions, guys

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