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Also, Rogue Trader General I guess. What have you done to your players? Mostly thus far I've allowed them to leave behind the most valuable treasure in the galaxy rotting in empty space, and mislead them to believe the walls are made of heresy.

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Whatchu gonna do about it, LOYALIST?

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Oh, well then I'm glad you could be informed, Anon. No offense intended. Have a good night.

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I've been away from the hobby for a while and am wondering whats the best way to play a CSM World Eaters army?

Besides three heldrakes/ Nurgle everything.

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So I'm starting a Shadowrun campaign with some friends, and we have two mages: mine, shamanistic; his, hermetic. My mage has the Outspoken Prejudice quality, aimed at hermetic mages. I want to make this hilarious for all people involved

What kind of prejudicial slurs would you come up with if you were ripping on the herms?

>inb4 neckbeard

pic always unrelated

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does this count?

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Okay, so I just finished Betrayer today. Goddamn.
My favorite character in Warhammer 40k is dead... Rest in peace Argel Tal, you fucking amazing Space Marine. Kharn at least got to beat Erebus nearly to death. It wasn't enough though. I now need another Horus Heresy book to read. Or even one set recently after. Is there one that tell the events of the Battle of Skalathrax? I love Kharn and would really enjoy reading more about him before his total lose of sanity. What about one describing the events of the Siege of Terra?
I have read Fulgrim, The First Heretic, A Thousand Sons, False Gods, Flight of the Eisenstein, and of course, Betrayer.
I've read several Post Heresy books as well. The Eseinhorn Omnibus, the first two Soul Drinker's books, the Word Bearer's Omnibus, the first Ultramarines Omnibus, and I've gotten half way through the Ravenor Omnibus. I want to read Horus Heresy mostly now at the moment. I'll finish the Post Heresy ones later.

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My biggest gripe is the fact that abbadon does not unlock all four choas god specific units as troops choices.

He strides into battle with all of the traitor legions at his side, why not on the tabletop too?

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Classy gentleman, that Ahriman.

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Can we have a silly 40k thread?

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Ive always imagined that when he got into the black library, every time he moved or turned around literally dozens of books fell from the shelves. And being the proper and intelligent being he is, he would have to apologize each time he did it.

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>uhh where does it sahy 12" now?

My bad, they put it back in the 6th edition (p52). To be honest, I had already dropped 40K before 6th was released, and the pre-measuring and random charge rules that I hated in WHFB didn't made me come back.

For reference - Core 5th ed, p28 :
"Models armed with a rapid fire weapon can move and fire two shots at targets up to 12" away."

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Sounds like someone is jealous he didn't get invited to the real deal.

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special character

you know, the named people

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Totally bro, it's a fucking shame. Was looking through all the wazzy rules in 2nd ed. Sure they're completely fucking bonkers but they're hilarity tier goodness. Pic somewhat related.

>It was also yet another nail in the coffin of some units like banshees, who now have no real purpose other than to be a 'fail-trap' for newbs.

>I think the big issue is that there actually are dramatically overpowered armies in 40k alongside dramatically underpowered ones. The reason is irrelevant, it's a shit situation and GW has never even given game balance the time of day to try and fix it.

Most true and derpressing thing I've read all week. Cheers though, bro.

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>but its the only book


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Again, in a separate thread this time:
Guys. I chose to create Khorne warband as my CSM army and Iseek inspiration. Ihave to questions:
1. Is there any Khorne-themed colour scheme which isn't red with bronze/gold trim?
2. Is there any Khornate warband/renegade chapter fluff which does not contain SLAUGHTER MASSACRE GENOCIDE BLOOD-CRAZED PSYCHOPATHS?
3. Is it possible for a Khornate to NOT be a blood-crazed psychopath?
4. Is it possible for a Chaos Spac Marine to hate xenos stronger that Imperium and waging war against said xenos?

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