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It's impolite to show up baked without asking but it can also be fun to play with a baked group if you're into that sort of thing.

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This is a bad bait/troll thread...and you're posting in it. Get it together friend,

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i am stealing this carving-of-scales idea for the lizardmen of my setting. dohohoho this gives me a ton of cool mental imagery.

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needs more nurgly shit

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The galaxy's size is underrepresented for convenience sake.

The Galaxy and space is so large, the human mind has difficulty even comprehending it, let alone the Universe which remains a mystery. Science fiction may be set in the future but its written by people in the 21st century, as it is everyone travels by warp travel across the galaxy and shit takes decades to get accomplished. The galaxy is simply "large enough", and speaking about it in galaxy terms leaves the rest of the Universe a nice little mystery for people to speculate about.

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Im so high

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He's not the only one

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