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>>76009647 (You)
This sounds fairly solid, could you post a list like battlescribe so we could take a better look?
>>76009647 (You)
I think it is important for you not only to plan which units to use, but also which detachments you want to use. So far it looks like you need at least a battalion and a spearhead detachment.
Here it is. this is the 2,000 point list. Vox Caster is there just in case, and to have the possibility of making a Fire On My Position stratagem.
<Battalion(-3CP)>RegDoc Vostroyan
2x Company Commander w/ Chainsword and Boltgun - 37pts
2x Infantry Squad w/ Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Vox Caster, and Boltgun - 72pts each
2x Infantry Squad w/ Lascannon, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, and Boltgun - 77pts each
Infantry Squad w/ Mortar, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, and Boltgun - 67pts
2x Command Squad w/ Banner, Medic, and Vox Caster - 39pts
2x Platoon Commander w/ Boltgun and Chainsword - 27pts
2x Veteran Squad w/ Vox Caster and 3 Plasma Guns
755 points
<Spearhead(0CP contains Warlord) RegDoc Vostroyan
-1CP for Commander's Armour(additional Relic)
Company Commander w/ Boltgun and Chainsword. Warlord Trait Grand Strategist, Relic Armour of Graf Toschenko - 37pts
Command Squad with Banner and Medic - 34pts
Master of Ordnance w/ relic Kurov's Aquila - 35pts
Squadron of 3 Basilisks - 375pts
2x Heavy Weapon Squads with 3 Mortars - 51pts
Squadron of 3 Leman Russ Demolishers with Multi Melta sponsons and Track Guards - 660pts
1,998 pts total 5CP

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I have plans for a IG vostroysn list. Basically, two groups of 1 command squad with banner and medic, 1 company commander, 1 platoon commander, 1 infantry squad with heavy bolter and flamer, 1 infantry squad with lascannon and grenade launcher, and 1 veteran squad with 3 plasma guns. the other half would be 3 basilisks, 2 squads of heavy weapon team mortars, a master of ordnance, and a command squad similar to the other, and 1 to 2 infantry squads with mortar team and grenade launcher. there are also 2 to 3 leman russ demolishers with multimeltas.

Idea is that the two little platoons run to objectives and hold their ground(heavy bolter squad is the forefront, back up by the lascannon squad, whereas the veterans are their hammer to their anvil, and the commanders order them while the command squad acts as bullet sponges that produce buffs) while assisted by leman russes, and the others rain hell from above while camping an objective in or near the deployment zone.

My main objective was to make use of as many of the sculpts in the vostroyan range as possible, while also being able to hold my ground in non-tournament games. I think I have enough bodies, but not enough anti-tank/vehicle. thoughts? comes to about 2000 points give or take a couple points or a couple units.

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Hell yes, my Cadian comrade. Death to traitor and xeno cykas

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What can I add to this gunline Vostroyan IG list?

>Operative Requisition Sanctioned
>3x Company Commanders
>2x Infantry Squads w/ Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Boltgun, and Chainsword
>2x Infantry Squads w/ Lascannon, Grenade Launcher, Boltgun, and Chainsword
>2x Command Squads w/ Medic and Banner
>Master of Ordnance
>2x Veterans w/ Boltgun, Chainsword, and 3 Plasma Guns
>3x Basilisks
>2x Heavy Weapon Teams w/ Mortars

Plan is to have the Basilisks, MoO, Mortars, and one of the Company Commanders in the back pummeling the enemy with barrage after barrage, while the infantry advance and take key locations to set up kill zones. The infantry would be led by the other two Company Commanders who are followed by the Command Squads that ensure their survival and inspire the men. I added the Operative Requisition because I like assassins and it's good to have a character hunter that I can select based on what I need. So far I have 1,267 points according to Battlescribe(aiming for 1,500). I was thinking of another Infantry Squad or two to babysit the artillery, but I want some kind of anti-tank cuz I feel like I dont have enough.


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Company Commander(Warlord, Grand Strategist and Armour of Graf Toschenko) Power Sword and Plasma pistol
Company Commander with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol
Tank Commander with Plasma Cannon and Plasma Sponsons, and Track Guards and a front Heavy Bolter
Tank Commander with Battle Cannon and Lascannon and Heavy Bolters and Track Guards Steel Commander Tank Ace ability and Kurov's Aquila

2x Infantry squads with a grenade launcher, chainsword and boltgun(meant to accompany the plasma vets)
2x Infantry squads with lascannon, boltgun, and chainsword
2x Infantry squads with heavy bolter, boltgun, and chainsword

Command squad with regimental banner, medic
Nork Deddog
2x Platoon commanders with power sword and boltgun
2x Enginseers
2x Veterans with 3 plasma guns and a boltgun and chainsword

2x Armoured sentinels with missile launcehr
2x Scout sentinels with missile launcehrs

4x Leman Russ with Battle Cannon, Lascannon, and Heavy Bolters and track guards

this all comes to about 2023 points thus far, because I also gave vox to the infantry and the veterans and command squad so I can have a constant web of communication in case any of the commanders get taken out of action or if a squad needs to go somewhere and is out of command range.
Idea is that the heavy weapon team infantry squads will sit with the commanders and their command squad taking pot shots at the enemy while slowly advancing, while the veterans and the grenade launcehr infantry advance and try to cause havoc. The leman russes are their to blow shit up. The sentinels I guess are to support thhe infantry and veterans that are moving around. Scouts are there to trump the opponent in the opening of the game I guess.

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So, from someone who really never got to play although i started Guard in 5th, the hell is "Leafblower Guard"?

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Valhallans are "send in next wave", not Vostroyans

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more HD version

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While the Tau discussion is going on, can anyone identify which Sept the Tau in this image come from?

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Aaah, here's the full picture!

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