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/tg/ my friends and I are starting up a GBAL game, with an Ultra squad leader, Imperial fist pilot, and Iron warrior heavy support (those last two are gonna be super-fun together). Plan is to be a special team for our expeditionary fleet for missions that require killteams. I want to make an assault guy to round out the team, but I'm not sure which legion to pick. I've narrowed it down to World Eaters, Space Wolves, and Blood Angels. World Eaters get a fucktrillion attacks when they get to melee. Space Wolves get those sweet sagas and huge mobility. Blood Angels get the Red Thirst so they can stay fighting without an apothecary by lifestealing. Which do you think is best to round out the team I mentioned above?

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>conscripts cost as much as regular guardsmen
>Cawl costs LESS than he did
>chainfists still laughably overcosted(except for Chaos Space Marines who alone got them fixed)

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>Lord Guilliman, the traitor primarch has created his own... Primaris marines?

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Holy shit AI in my Imperium does this mean we might see mechanicus ai shock troops? Will we finally get the Men of Iron lore that has never been talked about much?

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*fap* *fap* *fap*

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what in the emperor's name is this heresy

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>can take ONE guy with a combi-weapon or melee weapons
>can take ONE guy with a special weapon
>can take ONE guy with a heavy weapon
>everyone else gets a generic boltgun

>have experience as Scouts
>can't infiltrate, scout, nor take camo, special Heavy Bolter ammo, or sniper rifles

>have experience as Devastators
>can't double up on heavy weapons

>have experience as Assault marines
>can't double up on special weapons or take Pistol+CCW

Justify Tactical Squads.

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>go to FLGS for warhammer wednesday
>bring space marines
>the only guy ready for a game is a 11 year old kid
>"my mom's gotta pick me up in a couple hours, so we have to do a small game"
>I agree to a little over 1,000 points
>"is it okay if I go unbound?"
>sure, whatever

>build basic space marine mech list
>two tic-tac squads in boxes
>land speeders, predator
>librarian with divination + plasma cannon devastators combo
>show kid my list

>he pulls out a couple barebones marine squads, not even fully painted, for holding objectives or whatever
>puts a Nephilim Jetfighter on the table
>and another Nephilim Jetfighter
>and a Ravenwing Dark Talon
>goes back to grab his final model
>it's a Knight titan


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>strength D apocalyptic blast

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>have space marine army

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da fug man!?

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Official SPESS MUHREEN Manhood sizes:

Multiple Sexual Organs of Assorted Sizes and Shapes:
Emperor's Children(blessings of Slaanesh and all that)

Salamanders(their geneseed turns them into huge black dudes, such a transformation has its perks)
Space Wolves(known to be womanizers, also generally manly barbarian testosterone poisoning)
World Eaters(manly barbarian testosterone poisoning, they're celibate though since why rape your enemy when you can take their skull instead?)
White Scars(more manly barbarian testosterone poisoning)

Most of the other chapters(shrunk due to geneseed enhancing the rest of their bodies)

No dicks:
Thousand Sons(all is dust)
Death Guard(unless that half rotten blob between their legs counts)
Iron Hands(the flesh is weak, remove the weakest part of the flesh to become strong)

Classified Secret:
Dark Angels
Alpha Legion
Grey Knights

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Don't mind if I do Female Chaos Space Marine turned traitor from the Grey Knights


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>puntuates a Space Marine combat prowless example with a real life sword mimic and self included sound effect of an Ork being lopped into pieces. While giggling like a mad man after his display
>the habits of adding sound effects by mediums of blowing his lips together and laughing once his excitement over the imaginary combat was a very common theme in the game
>as in every since fucking combat roll
>finally begin the game
>small easy combat roll through some Tau Firewarriors with no support. Simple enough for the 3 of us
>they field 9 units between them
>7 aspirants from the GM's custom made chapter of mutated dragon scaled fringe of Imperium Marines and 1 servitor to assist the orange fizzy's Techmarine which was using 4 heavy plasma cannons. He also had the Ruinous Gods of Chaos infesting his mind since being lost in a Space Hulk for 20 years
>A good 1/3rd of the game was spend with them explaining their backstory and how incredibly powerful their kill team was so that is why the Inquistition didn't purge the lot of them
>face roll through the Tau and hurry the hell out of there after giving them my thanks for the game
>partly because I wanted to get as far away as possible form these two and also because there was a sewage leak in the basement of the molding Gamestore which was threatening to incapacaitate me with the shit fumes of dozens of snack food binging social recluses

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OP said 12 Chapters of an Space Marine legion anon.


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>You will never strap on the armour of the Emperor, head to the stars with your bros, and crush the xenos scum.

Raping Tau sluts on your way.

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Going through the other Core classes first, then on to the APG and some of the basic in the system itself.

Barbarian is still a mele-fast-moving-monstrocity, but also gains abilities used while enraged. This doesn't always grant them additional utility (extra bite-attack, energy damage on weapon damage) but does make their rage scale more than the origional 3 times of +4, then +6, then +8. This can also take the form of things like Scent, a special mount, or vision enhancements so that they scale better at later levels with special abilities or senses so that they can keep up with invisible or hidden targets more effectively. Some rage powers simply augment existing features, like an extra point of DR/- once you have it normally.

Cleric can Channel Energy (30ft radius around themselves) with their chosen type (Positive/healing or negative/harming) a few times per day, and it deals an amount equal to a Rogue's sneak attack (1d6/2 levels). This hits ALL targets in the area, but there's a feat to mitigate 2 targets from the AoE. At higher levels, it's just a generalized AoE stabalization effect since the healing is rather meek past 10th.

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Who let these damn Guardsmen in? This was supposed to be a private party...

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what the fuck?

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I know that feeling Anon. It happens some times.
>Playing Dark Heresy.
>Forced to make repairs to a ship while in space.
>Attempt to weld stuff.
>DM Makes everyone roll Toughness, failures are unconsious.
>Repairs fail.
>Party Spaced.

Turns out the DM had experience in welding, and doing so in an enclosed space keeps all the fumes in the atmosphere we were all breathing.

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How many litanies do you recite on an average day /tg/?

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