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Fluff wise, who wins in a one-on-one fight - a Crisis Suit or a Space marine?

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There's this whole thing with the thing being made of goo and mouths... I don't feel like jumping straight into that.

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Blind zealotry is a weakness more than a strength. It has led to the adding of MORE CORPSES under victorious heel of the Fire Caste.

Well, someone did and he has won my ire as well as my gratitude.

Do not mistake tolerance for affection.

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Since it is your 1st batch of mini's just try and take your time, cover the basics, and get a feel for the hobby.
After your skills improve you can start worrying about dynamic entries

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Gue'vesa marines?

For some reason I do not like this idea. The only place a space marine should be is under the heel of a Battle Suit.

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hah! know thine enemy speez mareen. that battle suit wrecks the ever living shit out all that stands before the greater good! except titans and shit but that's understandable...

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>Networked Weapon Interface (Unlocked through the Dynamic Entry achievement)
>Dynamic Entry
You sneaky bastards Relic.
Also I am buying this guy right at release, he looks fun.

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what the fuck is this guy up too??

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so to us twin-linked is re-rolling failed rolls to hit, what is it to the denizens of the 40k universe?
same question for master-crafted

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hey all, space marine guy here (sorry i know i'm lame), i have about 1400ish points of space marines and several HQs that i bought simply because i liked the look, im content with the points i have now, i don't feel the need to buy more battleforces or anything, so i have started collecting, i currently have a few models for orks, eldar, and chaos
i just now finished painting a tau xv8 battlesuit i bought for my collection, and i have to say, i loved the assembly and i loved painting it, unlike orks and eldar, which i hated painting, but did anyway for the sake of my collection, anyway, i've always like the firewarriors, i never bought any though, but i think ill buy some now and probably another battlesuit, because they look very cool, anyway all that to say, i may have turned to the greater good, the only issue i have is, if i did buy a battleforce for tau, i have to deal with kroot, and i hate everything about kroot, any tau people wanna help me with tau tactica and ways around using kroot?


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Hey /tg/ is this a good place to ask about what army i should choose when getting into WH40K?
I've lurked a bit and from what I can tell Grey knights would be the best if I just want to win, I shouldn't go tau until we see the new codex, and something about sisters of battle that I can't remember.
But what about the other races? are they viable if I want a fairly competitive army with a fair amount of floxibility? (I hear Tau only have 1 viable army choice if you play other people, which doesn't sound fun, even though i love their armour)
If this isn't the place to ask, redirect me and i'll delete the thread.

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this is my tau 1500 point army list, what does /tg/ think?


Shas'o 75
Air bursting Fragmentation projecter 20
Cyclic ion blaster 15
fusion blaster 12
Shield drone 15

total 112

Shas'vre 35
T/L Plasma Rifle 30
Shield Generator 20
Gun Drone 10

Total 95

Shas'vre 35
T/L Burst Cannon 12
Shield generator 20
Gun Drone 10

Total 77


Stealth Team
4 Shas'ui 120
Shas'vre 40
Bonding knife 5

Total 165

Xv8 Battle suit team
Shas'ui 25
Flamer 4
Burst Cannon 8
Shield Geneerator 20
Shas'ui 25
Plasma rifle 20
Missle Pod 12
Shield Generator 20
Shas'vre 35
Fusion Blaster 12
Missle Pod 12
Shield generator 20

Total 213

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I'm joining a Rogue Trader game on thursday and i can't quite decide what to play.

The Party consists of:
Charles Xanatov - Rogue Trader with a bone to pick with almost every damn organization in the imperium

S3rv3rus D3ca - Resident technomagus, obsessive xenotech hoarder and pretty much dumped on the ship by the cogboys to get rid of the embarrassment of having him/her (no gender specified) around.

Gussie Two-Grin - lowlife scum, extreme barrroom brawler and archmilitant extraordinare specc'd on Splinter Pistols

Jayne Zolla - Voidmistress-at-arms, commander of the ship gunnery crew, rough, strict and so sharp you could use her to cut tomatos

I am torn between making either a wee bit mad fly/driveboy Ork of the blood axes clan or a young Kroot tracker-for-hire who only takes payment in food, housing and first crack at any living thing they kill.

Pic somewhat related, it's what i'll be doing if i choose the Ork although with either a bike or a plane instead of a whimpy battlesuit

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A Madcat Mk.I mech doing a DYNAMIC ENTRY and curbstomping a Flea mech

pic related it's DYNAMIC ENTRY

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It's just some measly guardsmen, what are they going to do?

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Vehicles that Crisis suits can't reliably punch to death:
- Monolith
- Land Raider (all variants)
- Walkers (unless immobilized)
- Demolisher (why would you get close??)
Everything else is fair game.

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Oh really? They look sturdier than the XV8 one's to me...
Also, pic might be the my first ever conversion.

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Not actually going for tournaments, but it would be nice to have a somewhat effective list, assuring that I don't get shot up every time I play.

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i lol'd

while i have you all here, slight hijack occurring. Themes for non-sexfag Slaanesh marines/armies? They scrapped the badass metal noise marines, so i'm thinking wtf else i can base at least a little warband off of that isn't rape.

Not that i don't love rape, of course.

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Requesting apicture of a Madcat Mk.I mech in a DYNAMIC ENTRY pose.

Preferably curb-stomping a Uziel or Flea mech.

pic for DYNAMIC ENTRY reference

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