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Tightening your group around the blade you walk of towards the ring - the silence that gripped the hall when the vox roared to life seems content on staying your pulse rising with each step you try and spot someone you know in the myriad of faces observing as you clamber on top of the raised platform - but to no avail, Zarkov and Angelina both seems to be gone, hopefully both of them got weapons they could use.. standing on top of the platform you take in the room properly for the first time. The room was rather large after all - but murky and damp, perhaps fifty meters to either direction of the ring - the ring itself was rather large in and off itself, the packed dirt kept contained within its metal casing at least the size of a house - some forty meters in diameter. Still looking to the corner of the room through the hazy light beaming down from above, admits the floating particles of dust you notice two large vents contained inside the wall - the two of them completely dominating the right side of the room. Their blades now dormant but you get the feeling if they turned on this entire room would either be chilled to the bone or blown away.

Stepping up a lot easier then you on the other side is your opponent. Kalm Gorg - the boy was huge, easily towering over you by two heads, you knew that kids of all ages where inserted into a scholia class but this guy looked to be well into becoming an adult already, snorting he tightens the grip of his large metal rod. "Sorry" he states in a muddy low-gothic "I will try not to break your bones" you get a sinking feeling Commissar Rim set you up here. A moment drags past before the vox crackles again from somewhere above you. "Now then. There are thirty of you, by the end of today I expect there to be only one left standing"

He lunges at you without warning, catching you off guard - with a overhead swing he brings the steel rod down towards your face, you´ve only got a split second to reply!


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>A: Follow it!
You turn towards the distant sound, honing in towards it, its far off - and you try and call to it, yelling off into the dark forest hoping and praying something would answer you, but to no avail, the distant voice does not grow any more precise and seems to fade away just to return just when you are about to give up and turn back, the ground turns more unforgiving as you walk, more and more rocks and roots cramping around you as the forest grows ever tighter. Pushed past a few low hanging branches you suddenly think you can make out the voice calling to you more clearly, the closer you get the more certain you become, its calling for help, but your lungs won't let you yell loud enough, as minutes slowly ticks away and your steel clad feet crushes more then one pair of roots you try and find the orgin. You find it soon enough. A clearing, at its center a fox hole, similar to the one you came from - the voice calling out resting on the edge of it, or rather - what remains of it, before you lies a broken boy, he turns to you pleadingly as you approach, lips caked in blood, his eyes red and swollen.. both his legs bent in ways no legs are meant to be bent. The rest of his features hidden or distorted in the dark. "H-help.." he whispers in a hoarse voice.

>What do we do?

>A: Talk to him(specify)
>B: Ignore him, not the one your looking for.
>C: Loot the fox hole.

>D: Other(specify)

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An imperial aquila burnt into the sooth covered metal, still viable through the grime, the adept moved in allowing you a clearer look of the room through the doorway - the floor was hard steel, dirty, but serving its purpose of holding the structure together - the somewhat cold air inside reminding you of being near a coolant chamber inside a starship, you also notice how the tables seemed stocked with small black boxes - unopened. As you step inside your forced to make way for the servitors as they press themselves inside. "The servitors will be packaging these small back boxes - I will be bringing in a few metal containers for them - each of these metal containers will be containing ten of these smaller ones. You will count the big containers used. Ensure you are correct in your assessment, it is important."


The adept turns to look at you briefly. "Do you require speaking?"

>Do we need to talk to him about anything?

>Ask about efficiency of data slate? (See journal)
>Ask about Tech Priesty stuff?
>Elaborate on what we are packaging?


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You home in on primary, the large central building of the scholia - you've got math class to attend to, and certainly no time to be a heretic with some kids over by the fountain, being late on your first week? That would be horrible, just horrible. Putting on foot in front of the other you make your way towards the building just as the chrono hits 07.00 imperial, fifteen minutes to class start you make sure to look around for Angelina as you make your way there, but you can't really find her, no matter - you'll discover her at class either way. Ascending the stairs to primary you make your way across its internal wide open halls - through the first turn to the left, large windows running along the new corridor - lockers and doors to classrooms and lecture halls the other. Kids where walking amongst them - chatting away, and the air had a tinge of ink to it - musty like old hab decks.

You notice something strange however as you make your way towards classroom 104, all around you are people of your age - first years, no uniform was needed to tell you that. Even if you'd learned that it gets fancier the older you go, your one a plain black with a few red stripes. Their slightly confused faces and uncertain movement in those new jackets was a sign enough - you are sure you looked just like them, but why where they all staring at you? You hear whispers amongst them as you hurry past, everyone seems to be parting around you... avoiding eye contact.

...Nikkobar must have done something the double heretic...

Bursting into the classroom you scan the scene for him - but he's not yet arrived.. you notice Angelina sitting in the middle alone like usual, and also that several people are looking at you..

>What do we do?

>Sit with Angelina.
>Sit alone.
>Wait at door for Nikkobar, ready to give him a trashing for what-ever he's obviously done.


That roll was not for if he would repair it or not.

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You burp, lowering your spork for the first time since you first started eating, over half of the food is gone but you feel your stomach slowly starting to fill up, deciding to calm down before you puke, despite the glorious feeling of the food on your taste buds, instead reveling in the after taste for a moment as you turn to talk to Angelina - in particular about the Schola, rubbing a hand over your mouth to remove any stray "food" that's made it onto your face, you simply ask her: "So, what do you know about the Schola Angelina? - I got some information from the ship before I landed" "Really?" she responds "We got nothing like that! I know only that its run by minitorum and that its suppose to train us into "serving" the emperor, what-ever that means" nodding in confirmation you fill her in slightly "From what I read on the slate, we are suppose to become officers in his armies... I don't know if going to war is nice, but perhaps its like in the holos, you know crushing the xenos and all that, I once saw one with some guy in red that drove across a world and killed those short.. green thingis"

As you mention the "green thingies" Angelina freezes up slightly before she continues: "Eh, war.. well I guess that make sense, but what about the schola itself? I did not even know it was here." "Apparently its been here for a few hundred years already, there was some about it in the info, most of it was just stories of the great fighters that came from here, and that it was built remotely far away from the hive cities - also it seems there is some huge Adeptus Mechanicus thing going on as well, further up the valley"

"Eh.. adeptus mechanicus.. those cog-people, right?" she cocks her head at you. "Yeah, don't call them that - they get really angry if you do, at least the once I talked to!" you tell her back, before diving into the food. "You've meet them!?" - a few seconds of chewing later you respond: "Of course? On the ships."'


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