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Best monks.

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That's a good idea! Definitel going to do that next time. I wanted to run one today because I feel kinda shitty that the pace has slowed down, but I'm in the last few weeks of the semester so it's pandemonium in real life here. In a few weeks I'll be out for a short break that I'll probably use to barrel through as much plot as we can take.

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>do /tg/ dice not hate us anymore?

You duck. The blast grazes you so close that part of your jacket disintegrates.

Part of you still cant believe it even as you punch the hunter in his unbelieving face.

>be another of our numerous protagonists?

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Every time I see one of these events I want to put on some boxing gloves, declare myself a monk and go full God Hand on everyone.

Pretty sure that's frowned upon, though.

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>be Joe

You crouch down beside the boss and put a finger to her wrist. Still has a pulse.

"She survived the giant crazy fireball," you say. "So what now, we just call the cops?"

"That should be enough," Saul says. "We'll dial 911 and leave it off the hook."

"Jesus. I can't believe we actually did it," you say. You and Saul exchange shit-eating grins. "We took down Psycho Cog in one night."

"There's still one thing left to do," Tatsuya says. You turn to see him cracking his knuckles. "We take out the gang, then we fight. That was the deal."

"You've been shot," Saul says.

"You can't use your left arm. So it's as close to even as you two are going to get."

"Wait. Are you going to try to fight both of us?" you ask, feeling your blood run cold."

"Don't see why I wouldn't," he grunts. "Get ready!"

>roll 1d20!

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"I...don't know?" you say. "I don't really play Dungeons and Dragons. Which one's the cool guy who gets the girls?"

"Bard. You are not bard," Saul says.

"You were telling us about your uncle earlier, right?" Tatsuya asks. "Spent a lot of time out in the woods?"

"Yeah, I guess. He taught me to fight out there."

"Ranger," Saul says.

"So we've got a paladin, a monk and a ranger. I've heard of worse party setups," Tatsuya says.

"Aren't those all just different kinds of fighters?" you ask.

Saul and Tatsuya begin laughing uproariously. This is what you get for just asking the first two people who don't beat you up to help out.

"I think that's it up ahead," you say, motioning to the others to quiet down. You've never been to this club, but the pulsing blue lights and the distant hum of bad music are a clue. A line stretches out from the door almost down an entire block.


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The three of you settle onto a bench, still trying to look totally normal. The station reeks of garbage and spray paint from the tags and graffiti covering everything, but it's tolerable. There's trash everywhere but no needles, and at least the tags aren't just dicks drawn all over everything. Altogether one of the nicer stations in this town. Over your awkward silence you can hear the punks at the other end of the platform joking around with each other, laughing over some dumb joke or another. No music, though. Maybe they haven't heard about the manhunt for you.

"So how did you guys learn to fight like that?" you ask, trying to break the quiet.

"Kyokugen Karate. Strongest style in the world," Tatsuya says. "I'm doing a bit of a walkabout, traveling to find what I can learn in new places before I head back to my home school."

"Yeah? You staying with friends in the city or something?" you ask.

"A dojo that we're kinda friendly with is letting me crash there," he says. You have a feeling this is a continuity nod to something, but in the original Street Fighter Quest we never did learn Pete's last name so it can't be casually dropped here to explain how he and Tatsuya first became acquainted when Tatsuya stayed at his parent's dojo when he was a child.

"Huh. How about you, big guy?" you ask Saul.

"Did a lot of LARPing back home," he says. "Really fun stuff. It doesn't always translate to hitting people with a big pipe, but it's close enough."

"What made you start the whole knight thing in the first place?" Tatsuya asks. "I keep running into you beating on dudes, but I never thought to ask.

"As I was leaving a...club, some young men thought they could have some fun beating the shit out of some friends of mine. I decided to teach them the error of their ways," he says. "After that I just kept intervening wherever I saw trouble. Next thing I know I've got a reputation."

>field too long

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>went a bit later than I expected, this and the next one will be the last for the day

"....both at once?" you ask in disbelief.

"Fine by me!" he says. He's on you like a freight train full of punches. The simile is bad but it's the best you can do while you're being assailed by punches. You deflect one or two and then start scrambling backwards to the edge of the roof. Two steps, then a block, then a third, duck under a kick, fourth step back you feel no ground under your feet.


"WATCH IT," he shouts. A hand whips forward lightning fast and grabs you by the shirt, hurling you the other direction on the roof. You roll to a stop against the smelly guy. You hate heights, why did you even go onto the roof in the first place?

By the sounds of bones breaking and fist on face it sounds like the cogs caught up with Tatsuya and are currently regretting it. You shake your head to clear it as you come to your feet. Tatsuya stands over seven Cogs and a stray Waifu.

"Heeeeyy, buddy. Sorry about that. Ready for round two?"

You put up your fists. At least if this guy punches your head off your body you don't have to keep fighting your way through the entire city.

>field too long, one sec

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Shit yeah, go for it.

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>Sorry to disappear, real life got in the way for a bit

You finally make it back to the dojo. For a second you think you see the owner of the yoga studio glaring at you as you pass, but she's gone when you glance to check. Weird.

Inside the dojo, as you're taking off your coat and (emphatically) telling Karate Joe to wipe his feet you can hear Belle and Moira inside.

"That's enough, you got me," Moira is saying. "What do you call those things?"

"Love Taps," Belle says, her voice dripping with suggestion.

>See what's all this then
>Be Anon, let's see what he's up to

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You don't really have time to argue on the internet. You decide to post just one message though, surely that can't hurt

"Apparently Anon was gone for a month to train with a Kyokugen dojo. With the tournament starting so quickly he's probably going to be our World Warrior for now."

There, you think to yourself, that's reasonable. You attach an image of an old Kyokugen poster that you think is badass and hit submit. You've got to go see if that weirdo in pink showed up at Pete's dojo, talk to Tatsuya...

You left it on autorefresh. The first response is to the effect that Kyokugen sucks, in fact, and whoever supports it can eat an entire bowl of dicks. You shrug. That's the internet, you just have to accept...

It refreshes again. A user named KYOKUGEN#stronk!rmiZpq has begun to vigorously defend Kyokugen-ryu's honor in all caps.

You should probably go if you want to get anything done today.

>roll 1d100 for a will save

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Careful distance, you think. You move to just outside of Tatsuya's striking range and swing. He moves forward slowly and steadily, like a tank. You throw out small strikes and feints, but none seem to pass that defense.

Hell with it, you think, swinging for the knee. Maybe I can trip him up. You extend just enough that you're in range for a front snap kick that connects like a freight train, your stick harmlessly bouncing off his thigh.

You move back another few feet, raising your guard again, aware of how quickly you're running out of space.

"I'm serious. What's the difference between you and me?" Tatsuya asks. "Think it over."

>Only one of us has kids?

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You start to prepare a sweet Dukes of Hazzard slide right into the car, but the trash can actually fills the hole pretty well. You run to the passenger side and pull the handle - locked. Peering into the car you see the other side is locked.

You also see that Tatsuya locked his keys in the car.

"Well done!" he shouts. "Not exactly what I had in mind, but I can't fault your spirit."

"You kind of...your own car..." you say.

"Yeah, I was aiming for you. My mistake. But hey, I was wondering which window I'd have to break to get back in, this just kind of settles it!" He laughs uproariously at his own joke as he pulls the trash can out. You think about whether or not to mention you've got a AAA membership, nobody had to smash anything. You have a feeling Tatsuya wouldn't approve of any plan without smashing.

"Quite a car, eh? Ellie painted the hood for me. He indicates a tableau that's...actually, that's pretty awesome. "The founders of the art, almost all retired now. You can see me on the driver's side door, I painted that one myself."

Tatsuya's self-portrait is simultaneously much more primitive and much more alarming. He seems to see himself as the Incredible Hulk in a karate gi.

"Welp, looks like that's that for now," he says once he's got the inside unlocked. "Sweep the broken glass out and we'll head back to the dojo."

And this was only the beginning of your cursed training.

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Either or. I wouldn't mind jumping into the fight itself.
FYI, the dude in >>21083805 is Seo Yong Song, the Tae Kwon Do fighter in the 3D SNK game Buriki One. He's one of Kim Kaphwan's students.

Now THIS is Kyokugen.

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