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Why does this crop have an ad in it?
Online games are terrible for this. Nobody has any investment in it. With real-life friends, there are other social bonds that keep people punctual and helpful.

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-Hopping Iron Maiden that tries to drag people inside it.
-Antigravity pit trap on ceiling. Floor suspiciously clean.
-Big tap that dispenses flammable grease. Then, goblins with torches.

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The smallest group it was tested with was 3 PCs and zero hirelings. 5 PCs and 1-2 hirelings (after an initial hireling-less foray to get some cash) seems to be fairly typical.
But people have run it with 1 player (running 3 PCs) and with up to 9 PCs, I think? Obviously it gets easier with more people, but a fair number of challenges scale well.

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