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Now I remember it must be from when I said that my reflexes have saved my life a few times, they have....christ I need to learn how to stop getting fucked up, or in dangerous situations.

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/fa/scist here


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>tits or gtfo!

It's like I'm really on /b/!

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Khanate here.


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>One guy always plays magical wizards, semi mary sues, always incompetent, fucks up all the time
>other guy is lol random and often not paying attention
>I have a tendency to rollplay instead of roleplay
>DM always uses the same cliched stuff
>disfunctional party all day every day
>still have a great time when we all play DnD together
>other guy joins in
>always plays some flavor of the month from whatever video game he last played
>characters are as shitty as the rest of ours
>still for some reason his character stand out to us as awful
>he quit the group recently

Feels good man.

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>The DM threw flying panthers at us in an encounter while the party was sleeping during an airship ride. Summarily, I went topside with the muscle of our group, and DM told us to roll initiative.
>Natural 20
>I rolled so far above the muscle and the enemies I get a free turn!
>Roll diplomacy to get them to stop fucking with my ride.
>Natural 19+16.
>Mon visage quand I made them forget why they were there and avoided the entire encounter.

>Also MFW I'm a blind bard.

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>my face when I get a crit on a minion, upon which the DM says "fuck it, it's a goddamn minion, you hit it so hard that you kill the one next to it as well"

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Only if I can incorporate a sniper DMPC who the players can gain as a companion if they decide to help him on his revenge quest.

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