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Cringe trying too hard


Based responses

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>The new’s primary purpose is to lie and spin events for political and economic reasons, but the vast majority still believe the media’s purpose is to inform

>All media outlets are owned by only a handful of corporations and ultimately a few dozen people

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>Nobody posting the actual reason
I’m assuming you’re asking about D&D.

In D&D, you have a bunch of gods. Each god created their own race. Correllon created Elves. Moradin created Dwarves. Garl Glittergold created Gnomes, and so forth. The vast majority of races in D&D have a creator god.

The races are basically avatars of their creator god. They resemble the god both physically and culturally and, most importantly; in their alignment and mindset. The reason these gods created their own race was to have an extension of their will on the planet Toril.

So, to answer your question, Orcs are evil because their creator god, Gruumsh, is a bad dude. Gruumsh is just an objectively unintelligent, bitter, and mean-spirited person. He values only strength and what utility you can bring to a tribe. The Orcs are an extension of Gruumsh and resemble him in all aspects. This is why Orcs are mean.

Humans are unique and can choose their own destinies because they have no clear creator god in D&D.

Also it’s arguable that Orcs are the victims even in D&D. In the beginning of the world, when all the gods made their various peoples, the Orcs has no place to go. The Elves and Correllon claimed the forests. Dwarves and Moradin took the mountains. Halflings has the fields. Gruumsh could not contend with the other gods for a space for his creation and so Orcs were stuck in rank caves. Not cool Underdark caves because those were taken too, but lame cavemen caves. They had no access to sunlight nor resources to build a civilization and resorted to raiding. Gruumsh took this up with the other gods and was basically told to “Fuck off” by the gods of the Goodly Races. Correllon even shot out Gruumsh’s eye with a bow when he tried taking a little of the forests for the Orcs. Gruumsh and the Orcs have been bitter rivals of the Elves ever since.

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Wow, it’s almost as if you don’t need all those physical attributes when you evolve the most powerful natural weapon (intelligence) and dominant the planet with it.

Wow, it’s like you don’t have a single clue what intelligent alien species would look like. They could be even more physically frail and consider our teeth, knuckles, and skull to be fearsome weapons. They could not even have bones.

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>mfw I probably fit a stereotype because I semi-crippling social anxiety
At least I’m handsome hair starting to go though. Fuck my life. No more passively getting pussy from whores because they like my face

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My best and only friend and D&D battlebuddy who I did everything with was my girlfriend
Kill me. Every where and everything is empty now

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>Why does everyone hate me?
>It's not like I'm dropping t3 blightsteels or making 10 million goblins or anything.

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>It’s a /tg/ doesn’t know they’d all be friends in real life just by virtue of sharing the /tg/ hobby and being passionate enough to post here alone episode

>It’s a /tg/ doesn’t know that politics are such a small part of what makes up a person’s personality and they’re letting the Right Wing and Left Wing politicians divide us along arbitrary party lines from upon their blood soaked Washington Throne all just for votes to stay in power episode

>It’s a /tg/ lets a political troll posting politics on /tg/ when there’s the /pol/ board get to them and make them mad episode

>It’s a /tg/ doesn’t know that they wouldn’t actually get so worked up if they were just face-to-face talking and hanging out instead of creating enemy political strawman of each other in their heads and then getting mad at said strawman episode

Who am I kidding? This is a rerun

*changes channel*

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Magic is nice and all, but how are those flamethrowers coming along? Any special skills or abilities for those of us who want to burn shit to make use of?

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I know the rocks well

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What lurks in the shadows and preys on the fearful in your world? Why do such beings hunt down the innocent?

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Nope, no copypasta, simply the unmitigated truth. I am the law, bringer of pain, judge of the table. If you want to succeed, you play fairly and equally, or you and your "politics" will feel the terrible power of justice.

For example, someone in my playgroup made the awesome decision to play Armageddon. The next game, Brago exiled every single thing they played, and I countered all of their spells until they simply gave up and learned their lesson.

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>hurr look at me I'm cool because I remove something people like
fu*k u bitch nigga ur a bitch

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Had a reply, Android keyboard robbed me of it. Your loss faggots it was insightful. Anyways go ahead and place that barebones-equipped pilot next to their fucked up vehicle and let them find their demise or salvation as fate demands. Just stat them as the worst possible version of their class - e.g. any Space Marine pilot should be started as a Scout for the sake of consistency. Go fuck yourself Android.

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>Fantasy Flight

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>Dwarf berserker

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In one Vampire game my jaw got blown-off at close range by a shotgun.

ST insisted I couldn't regenerate it...at first. But after two more sessions of me being particularly chatty in a voice that would sound as someone would if they had no bottom of their mouth, he texted me and told me that my mouth fully regenerated between sessions after imbibing a of of blood.

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Fuck Im stupid

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Aaand that's all folks. The end.

After that they ended up salvaging the doppelganger's corpse for alchemical ingredients, leaving a skinned carcass with no legs and arms cut off at the wrists and a pried-open skull.
Later during the same session, some of these very same ingredients played a part in an alchemical accident, resulting in a 4-meter tall, naked alchemist and a chain of failed stress-tests, and one broken trachea.
>Pic related
It is pretty OT, but if anyone's interested in hearing it, I'll gladly share it tomorrow - assuming the thread is still around.

Funny thing, should the players have waited for more than overnight, the doppelganger would have started to eat the recently enthralled victims. There wouldn't have been much of a fight in 1 on 1 battle against that thing without their arms and armor.

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pyromancer muh nigel

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