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>It's designed to scale up and fuck you over
It's not fucking designed in any way, it doesn't fucking exist yet you moron. You don't know how powerful the enemies could be. And yet you are already panicking at the thought that you wouldn't be invincible - because that obviously means that it isn't fair and you will surely die.

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>standing up from prone takes half your movement
>the faster you are, the longer it takes you to stand up

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> Still seems like a waste of time to me.
So don't play it and ignore the post?

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>you guys don't know anything about breasts
>they're blobs of muscle

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>tfw the DM now has to play one of those "please put your phone away" messages before games like they do at the cinema

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They focus too much on fluff that is rendered uncertain and blurry by unreliable mary-sue narrators (read: self-inserts of the writing staff that get paid not in money, but in permissions to self-fellate themselves in published material) and the editing is utter garbage. If not for wikis and chummer the average person wouldn't be able to find half the things they needed without spending thirty minutes scanning the Table of Contents and back page Index.Furthermore spelling errors, mathematical inconsistencies, and gear statting that makes absolutely NO fucking sense in-universe is the them of practically every sourcebook to be published by CGL.

The older editions didn't have as big of a problem with this, however it was easy for players and GMs alike to drown in fluff. But fluff was (for the most part) organized neatly and didn't require new errata every month. And the rules were a bit more complex and bloated in certain aspects (and not necessarily for the better). That being said, I've been playing SR since second edition and I still prefer 4th and 5th over the older stuff.

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Stealing this, omae. Sorry, not sorry.

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These armor threads are worse than Quest threads. Nothing but bickering between pedantic autists on both sides.

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The strongest: That thing you hate

The weakest: That thing you like

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Does it hurt to be this wrong?

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That'd be me. My group always goes balls to the walls retarded and I'm the one that looks on disapprovingly. I mean, its not like I stop them from doing it, but when a player wants to roll for smashing a cake into a guy's face or when another player wants to skullfuck somebody's eye socket with their cyberpenis... Well, they know exactly how I feel about their shenanigans.

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>That entire scene

I honestly have no words. Are people watching this supposed to be empathetic towards the woman and her zealous family?

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Why do SJWs need to be represented by fictional people? I'm gay and black. I don't need a bunch of gay black people showing up in everything just to validate my existence. I don't need fictional characters to make me feel good about myself or to represent me (or people like me). I just... I just don't understand it all.

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What? How the fuck do other planets and stars work?

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>Everybody gets to challenge Death to a game for their lives
>People keep playing soggy biscuit and winning

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This. This is a travesty. I hope you're ashamed of yourself OP.

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