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RT group wants to turn a space hulk into a casino, how should we go about this?

do tau make good compulsive gamblers?

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move in close, disable their ships with the wombats, we can hack the others. but PURGE THOSE ZOMBIE SHIPS! we can also tell the pirates to stand down and we will spare them. or at least turn their guns on the infested ships!

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yes it is. we should make a gynoid like her some day.
the wombat IS a melee ship. but a purpose built boarding ship might be needed later.

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Rolled 24

probably will have to take time to make it. right now, we're focusing in on Krono's quest.

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Hey /tg/,

My DM has asked everyone to write a bit of fluff that takes place during the 6 months our Rogue Trader characters have been separated. Is there anywhere I can read what a typical ship or fleet battle is like, from the perspective of someone on the bridge? I'm not really well versed in the minutia of 40k fluff but would like my short story to be reasonably accurate and not just an episode of Star Trek with the names changed.

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So I signed on to this Rogue Trader LARP and thought the dress code would be rather lacklustre. Not so. People have posted pics in gear and they look friggin amazing. So now I have a problem.

What do I wear?
What kind of trinkets do I bring?

>Playing a spoiled and possibly psychopatic nobleman son.

Give me ideas! So far I've only come up with this.
>Use some old club/rave clothes from the 90s
>maybe mix in some of my classic medieval larp clothes
>maybe add a b/w checkered dinner jacket
>pearl fake body tattoos
>what the hell do I use for shoes and trousers?

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so I'm going to play a nobelhouse brat in an upcoming rouge trader larp

how do I dress?

I was thinking
>some weird as fuck club clothes from the 90s
>facial makeup
>leather moccasins
>harem guard pants


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>you do not have access to lances, but as wwritten , they are a trap option.

Yeah, devastating a significantly larger ship with a one-two punch of macrocannons and lance is such a terrible thing. You should really avoid it.

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yea 40k has some sweet looking stuff

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How important are carrier-ships in BFG?

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Looking for pictures of Warhammer starships. Fighting or not, doesn't matter.

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Just how big are 40kships really?

I want a once-and-for-all statement.

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Final bump

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Plunging through the murky gases the Raiders gave hot pursuit to the Pitiless as it retreated, cannon fire stripping her shields, and torpedoes inflicting medium damage.
Finally, inevitably, the Wrath was destroyed by the fire of the 4 chaos capital ships. The fate of Fleet Master Eualus unknown.

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I want to see IN blowing shit up unlike the star wars empire which is just lame.

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On the heels of the other week's starship combat discussion, lets talk about large-scale Rogue Trader.

What sort of fleets do players try to amass? How spread out are your resources? Do you consolidate power or are you in a phase of rapid growth? What are the key resources that the party needs to oversee personally?

Storytellers: how do you like to run planetary invasions? Do you prefer to randomly generate planets during exploration or do you prepare one at a time to always be the next one discovered? What was the largest conspiracy you ever had NPCs hatch against your party's dynasty?

And of course, as fitting a thread like this, you are encouraged to brag about the vast wealth and influence of your party as well as its holdings and exploits.

Imagedump to start us off.

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to answer the question
>does a nova cannon hit destroy a craftworld?

fluff-wise: who knows, probably immune due to NO FUN ALLOWED

According to battle fleet gothic rules: A rough estimate of 10 direct hits is needed with the nova cannon to destroy a craftworld (no official model where released except for a journal with some horribly broken stats and ofc I'm using those). This is not taking into account holofields, which would quintuple the hits needed. Taking into account stupendous luck yuo'll still need a minimum of 4 nova cannon shots.

On the other hand, using a chaos fleet you could always fire a linked pair of blackstone fortresses or a planetkiller. Both of these instances yield a shot that "completly obliterates any ship they hit".

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;_; a BFG thread....

ahem, forgive my rush of emotions

Board=cover table with black cloth, superior
dust clouds=Fluffy cotton in long fat strings. Important to put some bases below the cotton to define the borders of the cloud. We use transparent plastic squares from another game.
Asteroid belts=carve chunks of polystyrene and make craters in them either by hand or melt em out with pvc glue. Mount on flying base. Remember not to spray it as the aerosol dissolves polystyrene.
Planets=The paper cut out actually works best games wise, you can't place your ships on an actual 3D model.
Moons=ping pong ball, paint it with texturing paint, mount on a flying base.
Warp rifts: have never managed to roll one during all my years of playing bfg

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