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"How can I leave if they think I'm dead?"

"Well, tell the truth. You were visiting your Grandpa when the blast hit, it near-fatally wounded you, you were frozen until science could save you. Not the whole truth mind you, but no need to lie outright. Besides, it's no crazier than people thinking you went back to the future."

"Did nobody connect the dots about my alterego?"

"Superheroes go missing all the time, the fact that twelve went missing at around the same time you did helped."

"Does Menace seem to think I'm dead? If he does, then it might be best if I keep everyone thinking that. Work from behind the scenes, as nefarious as that might sound."

"That's the thing, Menace may actually be dead, or retired, or something. We haven't heard a lick about him in 3 years. Of course, that may mean he's simply waiting, but I have a hunch that he's given up on you. I also get the feeling that you can handle yourself well enough."

"I want a drink. Something strong enough to make me forget I died. Then I'm gonna drunk dial RON. Or Fibin. Whoever. Any objections?"

He sighs and pulls what looks like a bottle made of near transparent glass out of his desk. Some whiskey sloshes around in it. "Here, standard issue for Psy Ops."

The bottle smells like a familiar friend, something that you can feel pulling you back to the events where you-

"Hey, the popsicle's up here! How ya doin' Frosty?" A man in a black suit wearing sunglasses appears behind you, startling both you and the Commander. The Commander gives a sigh, as he seems prone to do.

>"Who are you?"
>"I'm not drunk enough for this."

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