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This has to be bait. There is no possible way that you have such an autistic player in one of your games.

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>why drawing from different genres is not needed.
It's a kangaroo like beast, not a fucking spaceship, Jesus Christ.

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Wew lad.

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Nah, this is the only place people are autistic enough to get butthurt about it.

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Huh. My strange desire for a metal body sounds pretty telling right now.

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>This level of edge.
Try not to transmutate yourself into a mass of blades, friendo.

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In my setting, I have a very flexible quasi-mineral made from alchemically treated treesap fromgiant Eldarwood trees.
The elves use forge it similar to plastic (allowing them to make some very intricuitly shaped, aerodynamic armour compared to metal-using races). They call it sapsteel and can even be made to mend itself if re-treated and left in sunlight. It takes on a deep green-amber colour.
Mechanically, all armour of Sapsteel improves the MAX DEX of armours by 2, lowers the amours hardness by 2, but provides +25% more HP to each vestment of Sapsteel.
There was a lot more, but I have it written out in a giant doc I don't feel like rifling through.
Hope someone finds this at least mildly interesting.
Pic related: just had my Autismo levels checked. It's gettin' up there..

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Now we know what is actually on those wrist mounted gubbins mark x has ...

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Don't bother, their anti-40k is pic related.

If they wanteth not our posts let their shit thread meet the page 11 they so keenly desire.

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Sounds like a great DM

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The amount of people panicing or shitposting that clearly have no idea how battleshock works or pretend not to just to troll is rediculeous. Has the education system failed so hard that understanding written text beyond "fuck you, top kek, etc" is to difficult ? What happend to checking the facts before going on a temper tantrum ?

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See: pic.

It's one of life's more bitter ironies that RPGs grew popular in that segment of the population least able to appreciate the subtlety of good storytelling.

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>doesn't understand the concept of there being a difference between unit positioning and the position of every single fucking model in a 70+ models army.

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>Hardly anyone in the empire even believe they exist in the first place

With the Emperor being venerated as a god and the Astartes known as their "Angels of Death" I somehow seriously doubt that.

>Again, in a galaxy where mankind wins, SM's become obsolete
Yet primarchs like Roboutte and Magnus had great plans for the astartes for things besides fighting. Humanity in general seems to need a good example to follow, because without it they don't seem to accomplish much.

>This isn't complicated, you fucking autists
Pot, kettle.

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>tfw you're too autistic to make sense out of narrative-written battle reports

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Don't mention it, they guy has been sperging out over all critisism about the stand. It was hilarious, but you shouldn't keep on poking the bear

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People are probably very passionate about the issue because having a unit you spend time on converting and painting suddenly being invalid is the worst.

But when are we going to see the honor-duel ?

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Ha, not only your fluffy response didn't go as planned, but you underestimated the level of autism I operate in!

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I don't think I'm the one crying m8. Bitching, maybe, because Onyx Path is full of fags and I don't feel like giving them more money, but crying? Nah, that looks more like you.

You're on 4chan berating people for violating an EULA. Do you even know where we are?

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