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How do you convert your marines to have beautiful flowing hair if you don't have greenstuff skills and available headswaps don't have hair long enough?

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But all chests are equal in face of the Gods.

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House Melkor left Morgoth in a campaign of slaughter to carry out their master's will, confused by his invoking the name of an unheard-of being but loyal to his word. They set out and burned worlds, sang praises for Gilgas, and slaughtered entire cities. With the death and the blood and the taking of skull they found enlightenment. The meaning of Khorne and war came to them, and their praises to their baron turned to prayers to their new god. They reveled in the bloodletting, the gruesome battles, the destruction of worlds and systems, and even as their numbers dwindled they celebrated their comrades' deaths as tributes to the blood god. Soon enough, the other houses of Morgoth returned, and found the Villis Sector in ruins. They met House Melkor on their patron forgeworld of Hauser, and on its brown fields they waged a fierce battle. Chainswords clashed, cannons burst, and metal rained from the skies. With the might of two houses against one, Streltsik and Johansson pushed Melkor into the forge-hives and beat them blue.

In this hour of darkness the knights of Melkor had doubts. They considered surrendering, giving in to their kin. Gilgas alone stayed true to Khorne, and left the safety of the hive to fight the two houses by himself. In this moment of selfless death, Khorne bestowed upon his knight the daemon blade named the Ruinmarch. With this arcane weapon, and the blessing of the blood god, Gilgas slaughtered both House Streltsik and Johansson, and executed his own knights for cowardice. For the destruction of an entire sector, and for betraying his two closest allies, Khorne commended Gilgas and gave him the greatest gift of any warrior of Chaos: Daemonhood. Gilgas became one with his throne, the metal of his knight became his flesh and the armor rejected the trickery of sorcerers and cowards, its cannon spouted thunder and fire, and the Ruinmarch became his left hand.

>I'm listening to Imagine Dragons as I type this.
Talk about contrast.

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Sounds cozy

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Or perhaps a dominant, rough and tough, god praising champion of Chaos?

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He's litterally a menstruating sperglord

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delicious heresy

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watashi wa Arufariusu desu!

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Well, Chaos cultists have a habit of handing the reins over to the voices in their heads eventually. Of course, that just makes the few sane ones look that much better, much like the few rational sith in Star Wars.

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Pick your favourite 40K army

GW puts a gun to your head and tells you to come up with a brand new unit for it (no prior fluff or game basis, brand new lore and rules and model).

What do you come up with?

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Hello /tg/!

I've kind of been on break from 40k for a while but I feel like a painting type of person so I thought I might try making a new small Chaos Marine army, around 500pts.

However I stopped playing a few years ago so I'm not up on 6th and the new Chaos Codex has a few interesting things in it!

So I was wondering, could you tell me about your experiences with the new units, any non-standard army arrangements you've seen or think are cool, or just any tips in general about the new Chaos codex?

Thanks in advance!

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Chaos Gods are just Saturday morning villain. You know the villains who have the ULTIMATE POWER and all the shit yet they are absurdly incompetent and despite having all the power they never achieve anything. The ones that just sit back at their hidden lairs where they are untouchable and shout "YES EXACTLY AS PLANNED!" or "YOU HAVE only SEEN 0.0003255% OF MY FULL POWER (because reasons) BUT SOON YOU WILL SEE MORE!" or "I AM TOO BUSY COUNTING THE BRICKS OF MY CASTLE TO DEVOTE MY FULL ATTENTION TO YOU RIGHT NOW!" every time they are supposed to get involved in the plot.

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there has to be a group here on /tg/ that will take me in ;_;

I play lawful evil if i'm allowed to choose and usually play fighter or cleric,human.

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Rolled 5, 17 = 22


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I don't have your pic but here is something better

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Since 6th ed 40k seems kinda cool compared to 5ed 40k im looking to perhaps make a khorne berzerker army but im kinda looking for alternative models instead of the normal ones.
Does anyone know any good ones if there is any, can be from any kind of game,I dont really care.

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Everybody knows that Khorne is tsundere for Slaanesh.

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Join us here in Chaos, we're an equal opportunity employer to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, or political affiliation.

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In the 42 millennium Chaos finally realizes the error of their ways, and joins the Imperium.

Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau and Necron all in turn do the same, and the Galaxy is one, just in time to kick the full Tyranid invasion dead in it's ass when it arrives.

The Emperor rises and proclaims his work done, retires, moves in with Slaanesh and together raise a family.

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But every day is Warhammer Wednesday on /tg/!

Also I serve no rotting corpses! I serve no false emperors! The true gods showed me the true way long ago! Now begone pathetic dog!

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Also: HAHAHA! I love never getting hangovers!

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