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Fist the tau ?
Sure, i will

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This. Anyone saying you otherwise is a shitposter.

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>Close Order Drill is back

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Then keep waiting, you xeno humping faggot. Other anons gave examples, but you keep closing your eyes in denial.

Because deep down in your xeno loving core, you know humanity is the best, even as you jack off to ork/tau/tyranid/whatever other xeno filth smut.

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Delicious Tau tears

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The hung/hanged approve

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>call loyalists bootlickers
>loyalists still win

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gotta admit, it's a badass way to go

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Damn, that last part.

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Let me tell you the tale of Shas'O Commander Don'keigh Pun'ch
>Be Tau, fighting buddies Blood Angels
>Have Crisis Commander with Onagar gauntlet.
>BA have 2 Landraiders full with death company and one with Astorath. This was before new codex so deep striking landraiders were still a thing
>Game ensues, both landraider drop down right I front of me, throw all the railgun/melta I have at one them
>2 hull points down
>but wait. My commander.
>He'd already been very close so as to use both his FB so I charge
>punch the tank
>roll 6, +2 for the AP1 punch
>bye bye land raider
>next turn, DC from other LR and astorath pop out and charge my broadsides
>DC from ded LR can't charge
>next turn, take 2 HP of other LR and immobilize it
>Hammerhead with Ion cannon takes out entire squad of DC with one overcharge shot (Str 8 AP3 plus marker light means no saves)
>Commander charges other LR
>another dead AV14 tank
>game goes on, end up commander in challenge with Astorath
>"there is no way your suit is gonna win"
> Astorath mortally wounds commander, one wound left
>last shot. Roll for the gauntlet.
>Hits. Wounds. Astorath fails invuln. Instant death.
>Commander then proceeds to get torn to prices by the rest of the DC
>Kill total, 2 Landraiders, a few DC and Astorath.
> Now I never play Tau without him

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>Not Signing up to become a Commissar

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>Chastising people
>Being a total dick to the wrong anon

I tell you what would be refreshing:

GW actually using their IP in a good way and let other companies reinvigorate their franchise with new models and ideas instead of having to send the Adeptus Lawyerus after every sod who's work unfortunately leans too much towards theirs.

That would be a nice change, but it's probably not gonna happen. This would let all the old Specialist Games have a decent chance of appearing. Who wouldn't like to see Inquisitor, BFG or Necromunda come back to the fore?

Let other companies handle them, so that we can get our games back, GW still gets a piece of the pie and they can still focus on 40k, LotR and Fantasy.

Win-Win all around, but sadly, no. Not now, not yet.

There's your fucking rad idea.

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Good to see you Nid-anon. The Swarm has been made proud by your actions this day.

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>mfw reading through this thread

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No. No, fuck you all. Fuck this thread. Fuck everything. Mothia Gangster is the best fucking concept I've seen. I cannot contain myself, I am losing my shit over the hype garnered over viewership of his masterpiece.

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.../tesg/ forms the New Dream as a homebrew TES Setting?

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