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What's the biggest dice pool you can create at char gen? As a mage I am creating I can cast a combat spell with 20 dice: 6 Magic, 6 Spellcasting, 2 Specialization (Combat Spell), 2 Mentor Spirit (Shark), 4 Spellcasting Focus (Combat). Is there another way to create a bigger dice pool? Also, is this extreme munchkinism?

Pic related, I want to create a batshit crazy combat mage.

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So I don't immediately look like a mage.

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Yup, the game's set in 5th edition, and I just need a good location which a person could run through to dodge some high power spirits/astral scouts from the Triads.
So I needed some recommendations on good locations with powerful background counts (like the Trojan-Satsop nuclear power plant another anon recommended.)

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True, but the point of decreasing the cost for the metatypes is to make them more affordable. So instead of having to pay 290 of your initially 800 karma, you'd "only" be paying 190. Making it a bit easier to afford other things outside of your area of expertise.

And >>37245896 makes a good point, elves pay more for their bonuses, but they are also generally more useful.

But you still got a valid point, i'd have to try and build a few characters of the different metatypes to get a good idea for just how powerful the increased stats, and other bonuses the metatypes get.

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What spells, initiations, and gear would you recommend for a spirit hunter mage?

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