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Well, thanks, now I'm thinking about deepthroating a jello dick in front of everyone.

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The boners must go beyond

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>tfw bionicle hentai is a thing

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the best boners

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I starting my Chaos Space Marine Army (Chaos Terminator Lord and two CSM Squads) and aiming towards versatility and I was wondering what would be a good army list that would be well-rounded. Any tips? I was planning to have one squad devoted to CQC and the other to focus on range but I want to know what are your opinions before I assembling the models.

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>half the people in this thread looked at rule 34 of the evil queen from the spider storyline at some point or another

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Why is it that I'm more confused by the dragon having hair, than it wearing a maids outfit?

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i say take the chance to do some weird, weird shit.

like have the party enter a room where they get wiped by an unbeatable enemy, then suddenly appear outside the room where they just got beaten, completely the same as they were before entering the room.

or have them discover a huge cache of treasure, but when they remove it from its spot it either rapidly ages to dust or reverts back to its primal form.

or have them randomly encounter themselves from another part of the castle/timeline.

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rolled 52 = 52

/tg/ related... not appropiate, but related

also, just watched this first episode, and even when im not into "new anime" (because of the excess of tits and lolis), I found it hilarius... Also, about the fact that Yasaka (protagonist) doesnt want to hit Nyarlathotep; I will be also quite reluctant to sleep with an Eldrich horror.

>my boner with this show

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This thread gave me such a why boner.

I think it's the hats. I have such a thing for cute elaborate hats. Time to read witch hunter again.

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rolled 40 = 40


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>freudian nightmares

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How do GM PC's work? I'm trying to set up and GM my first game, and I'm just trying to know all my options. But every time I hear about a GMPC, it's in a "That GM" thread.

How can one play a character AND GM at the same time? What kind of black magic is this?

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Chaos is far more interesting.

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