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We live now

>I'm still not sure exactly what went wrong with the previous setup, but I'm going to blame it on the server being a possibly haunted and precariously balanced house of cards full of ancient shit held together by prayer and inertia, which is what you get when you have no motivation to maintain your infrastructure for several years. However, I've taken advantage of the unintentional downtime to spin up a new host and migrate everything to that. Performance might be wobbly for a few days while I figure out optimisation/caching again, but things should be more maintainable going forward. I think everything should be fundamentally working now, but please notify me of anything that seems broken by my talk page or email.

>I've also surrendered to the march of progress and changed the default skin to the "Timeless" responsive design. I think it looks fine, but if your heart yearns for Vector (or Monobook!) again you can change the styling back in your user preferences. I'm hoping this means that Google will finally stop giving me shit in search results about my pages not being optimised for mobile.

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