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Do we really wanna know?

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It is from Fatal.
Check the filename, it's even with sauce.

Also I am kinda confused, shocked and terrified, there's a game that competes with FATAL for the must mean spirited on-hit-effect tables.

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"From Another Time, Another Land" is another name which they gave it to polish its shitty reputation with a 2E which had a bit of the really insanely racist stuff edited out...

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Boy, you're in for a treat

I am a sexually Masochistic Anakim Demon...
Among many traits I cause people around me (1foot) to crave anal sex and I hate males. Also I have uncanny anatomical knowledge THREE TIMES.

Also I have a debauchery of 100, meaning I would eat shit if someone asked me to...

Wow... I am... amazed

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