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Informative as fuck, thanks.

It does seem like a complex build for a newcomer but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I think as long as I keep writting about the character and keep the ideas somewhere I can keep progressing with it.

Might i say as someone new despite the seemingly simple points in which you need to roll for normal combat there is a lot of what people term "crunch" in setting up a shadowrun character or pulling off complex actions like summoning, doing tasks and so on.

Not that any of this requires like vector calculus to calculate. its all numbers between 1 and 15 max but it seems like one could (or should) create a program to abstract taking certain actions down to button presses. After all many of the actions that will take the most thinking to do need to be repeated only with minor tweaks. Like summoning and the associated processes. A "Shadowrun Formula App" would be great.

Apologies if I'm being a pleb here, unable to keep a lot of this in my head at one time. Then again I've never been in a session. Not yet.

Pic related of a ninja in a 200 year old manga.

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