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>Size increases for sexual dimorphism

I like it.

I am a chubby chaser.

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I like this.

It means that orcish cultures tend towards queens/matriarchs as rulers of their little kingdoms and Warlord is just the highest military rank.

Possibly the job of Queen is the same as High Priestess.

All outsiders seem to see are the military aspects of their empire because the women aren't stupid enough to volunteer for meat-grinder warfare.

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I'm runing out of work safe pics

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>Hidden information prevents excessive meta-gaming.

There's hiding information to prevent meta-gaming, and there's deliberately keeping information from a player that his character would reasonably know.

Not only was the character an orc, he was an orc BARD. Are you telling me he would not be aware of something like that?

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Are there any NPCs that DMs have created that you enjoy so much, you honestly don't want to throw them into a game and save them for a "better" campaign?

I'm not talking about a Mary-Sue GMPC or anything of the like, but someone that's memorable, plays with a stereotype in a humorous or serious fashion that the party wouldn't be used to, something to that extent.

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rolled 43 = 43

So an Abyssal Exalt, a Knight's templar and a Cultist walk into a bar...

I'm having visions of an Abyssal meeting me, and finding that I remind her of her mortal life.... only problem is, she's already in a relationship with the Heroic Mortal high priestess of her Cultist. Adding to the romantic complications, a local Templar has heard that I've been trafficking with the Anathama.

BY THE UNCONQUERED SUN, THIS IS THE SHITTIEST HAREM ANIMU EVER! (My only hope is that I Exalt soon, otherwise I'm fucked.)

I know, they're adorable! (Though I can't help but wonder why her heels don't sink into the soil she's standing on).

Here, have some more! (DEM HIPS!)

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Let's say there is a ranger with orcs as his favoured enemy. He doesn't necessary hold a single-minded and obsessive hatred towards the race, but he has studied them extensively, has a lot of experience fighting them, and knows how they work and how to best get an advantage over them.

Now let's say he ends up bedding one. Would he receive any bonuses from his favoured enemy choice in such a situation?

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Didn't read the last line, there.

>someone could have an orc-fetish

Who doesn't?

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Also on the topic of art: posters.

One of the first mediums to really capture the unity of art and mass production, art nouveau, art deco, and machine-age posters helped sell anything from burlesque shows to revolutions.

Easy and cheap to make, colorful and eye-catching, and so effective at advertising their purpose that people oftentimes would take them down and hang them in their homes.

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>playing Skyrim
>character is a female khajiit fist fighter
>running through a random village
>female orc NPC looks at my character
>"Look at those arms! You'd make a great orc."

I want to know the 'why' of this whyboner.

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Elves have lost most of their histories and old culture and now dwell in the human kingdoms. Contrary to popular belief they are not a dying race. Since The Weeping Time they have been gradually increasing in numbers. They are also a bit nuts. Interbreeding with the Dryads (lack of viable breeding partners for many elven and dryadic communities. No pure blooded examples of either race are to be found in modern times) has caused a wild streak a mile wide to surface in their blood. They drink all evening, fuck all night, fight all day and usually end up in either prison or the army. So many have ended up in rival armies that the leading cause of elf death since the smallpox is other elves. They murder and butcher each other on the field of battle giggling and laughing all the while and getting paid by the humans to do so.

The dorfs live in clan broch towers out on the northern island and in the mountains. They like the cold. The arising of Ancestor worship has made the job of Cleric and Necromancer one and the same. They usually keep to themselves and people leave them alone. They have nothing we want and we have nothing they can't make better. Also they have bear cavalry and Necromancers.

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I shrug.

"I bought you away from so much worse," I tell her, "From abusive masters and prostitution and disease and mutilation. Did you not think, when you entered the market here today, that this was the beginning of the end? The end of your dignity, and the pride of your people?"

She stares with burning hate in her eyes into mine, her gaze unbreaking, furious, vengeful. Some unknown oath, bond, or geas was all that was preventing her from killing me in the street - the creaking iron of her manacles was plainly a cruel, senseless joke to her. A faint trickle of red blood found its way down from where one of her small ivory tusks had cut into her well-volumed lips, showing the fallacy of the "green blood" epithet small-minded men bandy about.

"You would kill me," I said, half in surprise, half in a perhaps misplaced admiration, "Right here, where I stand. And yet you do not, cannot. Why is that? Who has bound you so?"

She let out a shriek of wild, untamed primal rage, her lovely, perhaps even soft green face contorted into a snarling mask of battle-fury.

"It is never for you to know, human filth," she spat, her red-yellow eyes flickering wildly with an inner ardent spark, "My master or no, I can never betray my oath to the clan."


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