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Some of you may have been fans of Voidquest.

For those that don't, it was a pretty damn good quest about being a spaceship captain in a galaxy wherein the leading civilization (humanity) had suffered a massive collapse and...well, you can get the rest from the archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Vedibere

The author, Vedibere, said that as of April 13th if enough anons chimed in on a google group thread he'd start posting quest threads on /tg/ again for it.

Here is said google group, go and make a damn post so the quest can return:


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This is how I false hope

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Ice crusting your lips and brow, breath smoking in the air. Your feet numb, hands bitterly chilled to the point of uselessness. Yet onward, onward you move, steps heavy and difficult, progress achingly slow. Amidst the scorched city around you shadows move and weave, hungry, waiting, and closer than ever, but your mind is elsewhere. On your friend Charles and the news he gave you.


"Charles, I don’t know what to say. Admiralty? Why? I’ve been disabled for sixty-four thousand years. I survived and my crew did as well -- half of them, at least. But what happened in the interim? I know nearly nothing."

The floating head is silent for a moment before responding, “In truth I do not know the entire story. When the war broke out she rose to the position of Grand Admiral and reorganized the Armada quickly and set many plans in motion. You would know even better than I how far ahead she sees. Offered the chance at the High Admiralty by Admiral Shael, for both skill and loyalty, I took it. As did we all. All were skilled, the best, and Admiral Shael knew us all, said that it was the dawn of a new age and we were the ones to bring it about. To lead by right of ability. I was not sure then, but now... after so many years watching the sad lives of billions, I know she spoke the truth.”

“What about Asura? When I met with him Capt-- Admiral Razon was gone and only a shade of him was left, but he said that he had a mission and was entrusting to to me. What was that mission?”

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Torches flicker by the wayside, dancing shadows cast into the gutted hulks flanking the road. Before you the mountain and the great column of light, behind you the Library and all of it’s dark tidings. The betrayal of your friend Charles and his possible fate. You shudder to think of it.

But that is not the only reason. You lift your eyes from the ash-strewn road, taking another step forward and raising your right arm. Curling, flexing, making a fist in front of you -- you feel it. Icy tendrils creeping along your veins, starting at your extremities. A physical manifestation of the deadly, frigid slowness this world has laid upon your processing and power draw. You pull your ethereal uniform’s jacket tighter before slipping your gloves on in an oddly human gesture before starting forward again. It has no impact on this digital hellscape, of course, save to assuage your mind... but perhaps that’s enough. A small mental reassurance in a world where the mind is everything. You drop your eyes to the twin lines of flanking torches once more, and with each step your cold-numbed feet bring your closer to your goal. Though your breath mists in the icy air you will not be dissuaded. For in the distance you yet hear it, the slow moaning at your destination. Your objective, your goal, for better or worse. Charles, you have no doubt.

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Void Quest soon, fellow Ophidians!
Last time, http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16182076/
>What do in Charles' Brain?

Points of contention:
>Take control of nanites!
>Shut down(?) nanites to give Charles a break.
>Get personable, remind him of who he was to wake him up.
>Stay godly/cautious, assume Charles personality has become Maestro God.

Food for thought:
>Polar research base?
>Adapting/Upgrading nanites for our use?
>Ivanova being worried about Ged?
>Gently bumping Ketro/Parsons with a cluster eater?

Let's get all the big dumb arguments out of our systems before the party starts for real.

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The ticking of the clock, subsonic vibrations of your engine pulsed in time. The ancient wooden analog clock you bought on a whim on leave one day, gold-plated mechanics within glinting in the room’s half light. The throb of your black heart, suspended in energy fields. The merging of all into one thought, one body, one mind.

Your eyes close, subsuming you in darkness. The glitter of stars far away, falling away, spiraling around you... falling....


You snap back, the rhythmic ticking of your office clock loud in your ears. “Yes? I was seeing to some course adjustments but am perfectly capable of multitasking. Continue.”

“Oh. Right, well, as I was saying this is only a preliminary analysis.” The man nods, scratching his head and brushing his short brown hair. Mourning it, no doubt. The military buzz-cut and newly gained muscular bulk gives him a much different impression than the cloistered cyberneticist that helped resurrect you months ago. One of the best adaptees to military life, in fact. He clears his throat before picking back up.

“Standard decontamination procedures destroyed the nanites on the armor and your skin almost instantly. They don’t appear to be weaponized or terribly hardened against destruction. Moreover, all the nanites you brought back in the jar of air were inert upon review. The same as when we analyzed and removed those in your body.”

“So you couldn’t analyze them?” you ask, leaning back.

“Actually, sir, I could. I just had to use some power transmission equipment and they came right back up. Then when I put a few into a clean chamber they grew exponentially to fill the area. But again, they don’t seem particularly dangerous in and of themselves. We don’t have the proper equipment to analyze their functionality in detail though.”

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Last time on Void Quest:

>Yet he only shakes his head, “One does not barter with the holy, Lord Harbinger. Only serve it. You shall restore this world to its rightful state and enact a new age upon it, this I know. The unclean will be cleansed or purged, and an eternal holy order will be forged. A new Prophet as all must be, and the righteous to triumph. You can do no less with your mere presence, and I could ask no more.”

>“Then two days?”

>He nods, stepping back and waving his hands rapidly, “Two days until the final era begins. *Invisibility*”

Looks like a revolution in the making. How are we gonna handle this one?

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A soft wind blows, doing nothing to lighten the tension hanging in the air.

You slowly lower your hands and give a thoughtful nod, simultaneously telling Rinn and Ivanova to be nonchalant... while still being ready for the worst.

Kron’s gaze, however, never leaves your own. “Is there a problem?”

A dismissive flick of your wrist, “The nanite network does not seem to respond to me. It is a system of interaction I am not familiar with, but clearly requires a direct mental link to be used. Maestro has achieved much in my absence.”

“The... what? Do you refer to the AEther?” Kron replies, a frown forming on his face.

“Ah. So that is what you call the network.” You nod slowly, putting on a thoughtful look, “Well, I suppose its workings are beyond your understanding. Suffice to say things are different here.” You give him an airy wave and turn to the drones, “Continue, I will follow. My power does not rely on the Aether, regardless.”

As you stroll over to the drones Ivanova opens comms, “Sir, should we follow?”

“Aye,” Rinn adds, “We could have some drones carry us ‘long with ya, sir. Not sure I trust these guys, if they can fly with the nanites I’m willin’ ta bet they can do a lot more. I’d consider every one of ‘em armed.”

You nod, turning your gaze back to the floating gaggle of robe-clad priest. What to do?

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“You failed to pick up one of the sixteen images. You will try again until you get it correct.”

“Uh, sir, it’s been nine hours.” Ensign DuBois says, leaning back in the sensor chair.

Ivanova shakes her head, “You are the most skilled of the junior officers at this task but missing even one enemy ship could lead to disaster. Again.”

With a sigh DuBois pulls the console back into position and you see Ivanova generate a dozen more ghost signs in the data.


“How go the salvage efforts, Tynes?”

The dark man looks up at your form, giving a quick smile, “Fine, sir. Nothing particularly new but we’re recovering duplicates of some items and a few parts we didn’t have. Problem is, most of the equipment that we burned out had decay over time was likely also burned out when the destroyed ship’s shields failed or during the time they spent drifting”

“Right. And what about...” you trail off, instead just gesturing over to where Rinn is running the scientists in laps around the cargo bay. While the others struggle with the heavily loaded packs the put on them you see he is running backward in front of the group, carrying two himself and telling them that if an old half-dead man can do it they should be able to.

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